Tesla’s Living Nightmare 2022 Lucid Air Review

This is a lucid air and it’s a new electric car although that’s a bit of an understatement because it’s pretty impressive it has around a thousand horsepower it’ll do 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and it’ll go more than 500 miles on a single charge which is a huge deal and today I’m going to review it.

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Let’s chat about lucid air, shall we? This is a luxury sedan, and I’m reviewing the dream edition, which has a sticker price of around a hundred and seventy thousand dollars, which is a lot of money, but this car has some amazing numbers like supercar performance and a range of 520 miles, which beats out even the longest range Tesla models by over a hundred miles, and there are more affordable versions coming too, a base model lucid air will come out soon with a starting price of around a thousand dollars There’s a lock with one dot underneath it, an unlock with two dots underneath it, and then a trunk open and a line underneath it that’s there to tell you how to use the key fob in the simplest terms possible.

If you press the top of it once, it will lock, hence one dot under the lock button, if you press it twice, it will unlock, hence two dots under unlock, and if you hold it down, it will open the front trunk, hence the line symbolizing One other cool key that this car offers is this one that almost looks like a hotel room key it’s credit card sized and you can put it in your purse or wallet and just keep it there that way if you’re using your phone as the key like most people are and your phone dies or you lose it, you still have this backup key you’re just carrying along with all of your credit cards and your id which is a neat idea.

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When you unlock the lucid air, you’ll notice that the door handles pop out from the doors.

Normally, they’re flush with the doors for a cool look and better arrow, but when the doors are unlocked, they pop out, and you reach under and pull on the door handle to open the door and climb inside.

When you enter, you’ll notice a fairly simple modern looking two-tone interior with some very interesting quirks and features, so let’s go over them.

Starting with the glass, which is perhaps the most noticeable feature when you first walk in.

The windshield is one continuous piece of glass that runs from the top of the hood all the way over your head and over the seats in front, much like a conventional automobile.

When you step inside, regrettably, you can see the sun visors are fixed to this panel exactly like a typical vehicle sun visor.

This has the effect of making it look like a giant open air feel in this interior.

It is rather intriguing and a little bit unorthodox when you jump inside.

They couldn’t take it away because it’s a regulatory requirement, so even though you have this futuristic glass panel, you still have your normal sun visors kind of screwing up this full glass sheet look now this glass above you can’t be closed because there’s no like shade over it so I asked about heat and lucid says it’s not a problem because it’s heavily tinted, there’s uv protection and there’s a metallic coating on the outside that really helps This floating screen design now this floating pod is made up of three separate screens to the left you have one screen that just has basic vehicle functions and controls what would normally be buttons and regular cars are on this screen so like a lock and unlock button your headlight controls your wiper controls defroster that sort of thing.

Just a simple pad of buttons off to your left now directly in front of you on this floating screen you have your gauge cluster which gives you the basics that you’d expect when you’re driving along gives you your speed obviously and it shows your current charge percentage and like a trip odometer and it gives you like warning lights your headlights your parking brake lights shows you which gear you’re in your odometer that kind of thing all the usual stuff you’d expect when you’re driving along gives you your speed The idea here is that the upper screen is more for the driver because it’s smaller, tilted towards the driver, and more in their line of sight, but if the passenger wants to adjust something on the driver’s screen, it can be brought down to the center screen, which is easier for both front occupants to reach, and that’s incredibly cool.

Of course, once you’re done making this selection, you can slide up and send it right back to the upper screen, clearing the lower screen out to make Another good example of these screens working together is navigation, where you can enter a destination in the lower screen but have it navigate you in the upper screen, so the driver sees the navigation on the screen turn towards the driver but the passenger is the one who can input the destination in the lower screen.

It’s a really interesting and futuristic feel, but anyway, next up I want to go over all of the functions in the lower screen and it’s wow.

This page also enables you to pick between driving modes.

You can see smooth, which is the default, as well as rapid and sprint, which are similar to conventional sport and sport plus.

Next, in this lower screen, you can press seats and see seat controls.

Don’t worry, not all of your seat controls are stuck in this screen; you still have basic seat controls on the side of the seat, just like in a normal car, but if you want to change things like your thigh support or backrest width, those types of adjustments can be made in the screen, or you have a lot more little adjustments to tailor the sea.

You have a massage tab in here where you can switch on your massaging chairs and view all of the various massaging settings.

You also have a tab for themes, which affects the color of your interior lighting.

You can rotate this small wheel to brighter or dim the lights depending on how much you want to see them, and you can choose from a variety of different themes, each of which corresponds to a particular hue.

When you turn on the themes, there’s a lot of different places where ambient lighting can be seen in this interior, but my personal favorite is this line right above the seats.

This narrow little strip of light the color here can be changed, and it really helps set the mood directly above you in the center.

Other things worth noting are that you can also use this center screen to open stuff, go to openings, and you can also use it to control the temperature.

You can have a reversing camera on the upper screen on the dashboard and this 3d camera live on the lower screen at the same time, which is pretty cool because you can see both things at once.

One interesting thing about this 3d camera is that you can zoom in and actually get into the interior.

I’m not sure why or if anyone would want to do that, but it is a strange possibility in the lucid air.

Next up is another interesting item in the ce.

You press this little fan icon on the bottom, and it brings up your climate controls, where you can adjust various items in here like the temperature, the fan speed where the air comes out, and so on.

You don’t have to use the screen if you don’t want to, because this car has a few buttons in the interior.

Most of these futuristic electric cars have gotten rid of buttons entirely, but not the lucid air.

The future is screens, but not in the lucid air; there are still a few buttons in here.

I believe they did this to help people who are transitioning from a more traditional car, perhaps a combustion engine car, and don’t want to give up buttons for some of the more obvious and easy controls, such as adjusting the climate control; another good example of this is the climate vents, which you can move like normal.

On the left side of the steering wheel are the controls for this car’s cruise control system, which is called dream drive, and the buttons on the bottom are fairly straightforward.

The dial on the top, as you can see, juts out and adjusts your following distance from the car in front of you when you’re using the dream drive system.

Some strange controls and next up behind the steering wheel you have two stalks coming off which are fairly standard on the right you have your gear selector to go into reverse noise to drive park etc on the left you have your turn signal stock although there is one little annoyance here at the end of the turn signal stock you press to turn on the wipers and so if you’re going to put on your turn signal at just the right angle you can catch that and the wipers don’t go on.

One is back in the center screen if you touch and hold down the very bottom of the center screen it goes away as you can see it automatically retracts into the car and provides you with a hidden storage compartment you wouldn’t know about otherwise and if you want the screen to come back you just tap the bottom again on the little exposed part and it will extend back into its normal place and the storage compartment is now covered up which is kind of cool now the center armrest is back in its normal place and the storage compartment is now covered up More on launch control when I drive this car, but those are your bears, and I’m sure there are more hidden throughout this interior, which is kind of a cool little thought, but anyway back to the center console, one rather interesting quirk here you can see the center console lid is this nice piece of light wood looks good feels good, and you can roll it back when you do that i’m not exactly sure where it goes it’s almost like a magic trick because it’s almost like a magic trick because One large flat panel has just gone poof, which is obviously an interesting quirk, but anyway, below this magic panel, you can see some cool stuff in here, including a couple of wireless cell phone chargers, which will come in handy, and this is also where your cup holders are located beneath your magic panel in the center, as well as a few other quirky interior details.

One is the door handle to get out, which is a black piece on the door panel that works like a trigger when you pull it back and it bursts up, which is a pretty interesting touch.

Take another look.

You pull on it like a trigger and it opens the door.

It’s an unusual way to think about door opening, but I like it.

Also worth noting in this interior is this little alien looking symbol three lines with dots at the end.

There’s been some speculation about what that is, and I can confirm it’s a microphone.

It’s the interior cabin microphone from bluetooth that’s all it is.

The bmw 7 series and the Mercedes-Benz S-class utilize more expensive materials, such as softer leather and finer trim aluminum, but the lucid air compensates in other ways.

Performance obviously technology the electric range that sort of thing so there are some trade-offs but in terms of overall interior quality very nice in here very nice materials but not quite a mercedes-benz s-class or an audi a8 sort of the standard bearers of luxury in this segment but next up we move on to the back seat where you can see a major advantage that the lucid air has over some of these established rivals and that would be interior room but next up we move on to the front look at this The lucid air is only as long as a bmw 5 series, but the interior space is longer than a mercedes s-class, so there is an enormous amount of room back here you have mercedes s-class levels of interior space, and you just can’t do that in a 5-series it’s quite impressive, and the reason for that is packaging ultimately an electric car doesn’t have a giant engine up front, and it doesn’t need to devote that much overall According to lucid, the front area is supposed to be more focused, more like a drivery, so you have materials like alcantara and darker seats to give it a sportier vibe.

Back here, however, it’s supposed to be more of a lounge, so you have a lighter, more relaxing color and more leather back here instead of alcantara to give it a lounge feel, which is an interesting thing.

Next, I’m going to move outside the lucid air, where there are probably even more quirks than on the inside, and I’m going to start with the door sill, which says lucid in the center and then dream edition, reminding you that you’re getting into the very best version of this car over on the right you have a little number this one says number 109.

This is due to the fact that these dream edition models are produced in restricted quantities.

It says santa monica california and offers coordinates, which is because this vehicle has the santa monica interior.

Now over to the left on the door sills, possibly the most interesting part, it says santa monica california and gives coordinates, which is because this car has the santa monica interior.

Each of lucid’s interiors is named by a certain location in California at a given time, so this one is meant to match to santa monica at these precise coordinates early in the morning when everything is sort of gray, and they’ve used those colors in this interior.

The other interiors have specific coordinates and places and times that they’re matched to california that explains why they got the colors that they did and this is the santa monica but amazingly perhaps that isn’t the oddest thing on the outside of this car next I want to talk about the general design and style of this car lucen says he wants to “reinvent the sedan” and I have to say it looks like a futuristic concept on what a This color, by the way, is only available on the dream edition model’s top trim level, and it’s called eureka gold, but if you don’t like it, you can also get black or white on the dream edition, as well as several other colors on the other models.

Speaking of colors, this silver painted piece is very distinctive, and it’s on all the lucid airs, and they said they wanted it to be silver to kind of accentuate the size of this p.

Now, at the base of this silver trim in the back, you can see it says air, which is of course the name of this car, and it also says the trim level that you’ve chosen, so this one says dream edition, and this touring model says touring, and your trim level is printed on this little panel at the back of the silver trim.

Let’s go back to the back and speak about tail lights.

You have a large tail light that wraps around the whole back of the vehicle and is one continuous piece, as opposed to most automobiles, which have little separations and cuts for trunk openings.

not in this location When you look into it, it’s kind of cool a little difficult to see from directly behind but if you kind of get down you can see these thin strips of taillight going across the entire thing adding kind of a cool effect to the whole light and speaking of cool effects, lucid tells me this is the largest single panel tail light in the business and when you look into it, it’s kind of cool a little difficult to see from directly behind but if you kind of get down you can see these thin strips One unusual feature of this tail light is that it is quite thin, as you can see.

This is particularly evident when the turn signal is on, as you can see above.

sweeping across the back simply this small thin line of turn signal doesn’t have to be enormous and blocky anymore that’s the beauty of leds and their brightness now on to something I hadn’t seen before, this vehicle isn’t a hatchback despite the sort of teardrop form and this far back rear window This is a regular trunk back here as you can see I open it and it is indeed a normal trunk although to be honest it isn’t exactly normal for one thing it has a massively wide opening as you can see stretching almost the entire width of the car so you can put wide items in here if you want that’s a little unorthodox although it helps to compensate for the fact that this trunk isn’t really all that large as you can see it’s not incredibly deep they wanted to save that space These other electric vehicles are all hatchbacks.

The tesla model s is the mercedes-benz eqs, but this one has a trunk.

I asked lucid about it, and they said there are a few reasons for luxury and performance.

For luxury, it’s all about sounds; if you have the passenger compartment open to the cargo area, you just get more rattling, and it’s just harder to make an enclosed area that’s quiet like you can with a sedan.

For performance, it turns out that this Also worth noting is that there is a giant glass panel covering the roof racks on the side of the car, but you can still mount roof racks because these little panels will pop out, and lucid will sell an accessory roof rack that allows you to put skis, bikes, or whatever you want on the top of the car despite that giant glass panel.

The charge port is also on the side of the car on the driver’s side in front as you can see and to open it, just tap and it opens right up and that’s where you charge the car when you want to close it, just press it a little bit from the bottom and it closes right up of course you can also open and close the charge port using various other controls in the car on your phone whatever or you can just tap it if you want and finally we move on to the front.

There is a lot more to cover here, such as lighting, which you can see in the back with a light bar running across the entire front and a little strip of light that looks very cool, and the brand name is lit up here as well with lucid lighting to tell you exactly what this car is very futuristic and very distinctive.

The turn signals, as you can see, are vertical at the sides of the front bumper, almost perpendicular to the light bar that runs across the front, which is an interesting touch.

Also interesting in this area around the turn signals is that you can see a small inlet here for air, which is channeled through here behind the turn signal and out at the back of the bumper in front of the wheel well, which helps this car’s aerodynamics.

This is undoubtedly one of the largest front trunks among electric vehicles that are beginning to adapt these trunks now to open the front trunk there are several ways you can do it on your phone with the app or there are some controls in the car or on the key fob you just hold it down and the front trunk opens as I mentioned before and that’s how you get to this spot to close the front trunk same deal you can do it on the app you can do it in the car you can hold down the key fob and the front trunk So that’s a thorough tour of the quirks and features of the lucid air now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives all right driving the ford mustang mock e you have to go into the driver footwell and pull a latch like an old school hood release nobody’s really going to do that but integrating it into your app or on the key fob makes it pretty easy to get in here and store stuff and so that’s a thorough tour of the I remember the first time I heard about this car, I thought it was kind of vaporware, I don’t really care what, but then I started hearing some numbers and seeing some images, and your mind starts to change, and then over the last few months, I’ve been like, oh, I really have to review this thing, and obviously I wanted to do it before the end of the year so we could fit it in with Doug Sember, so first impression sitting in this car, uh I love It’s comfy, and it’s a luxury automobile.

I’m sitting in the top version of a car that costs a lot of money.

There will be less expensive versions, but you’re paying a lot of money for this car 170,000 plus it’s a lot of money, and so you obviously have a lot of expectations performance levels one range you get all that technology, but at this price point you’re also going to want like a seriously nice luxury car, and I’m surprised at just how much it is like that.

I love Tesla and I love the Model S, and I think it’s a fantastic car, but it’s not the Wow, that was actually pretty amazing you know I’ve been in a lot of these electric cars recently that have done similar things and yet that was kind of surprising um you know I just recently drove the river in the eqs the plaid the rimeknivera they’re all pretty insane but one thing that’s cool here is this car feels like such a luxury car that you really don’t expect it you already don’t expect it with those other cars but one thing that’s cool here is this Wow, oh my god, wow, this car is incredibly fast, but I’m taken by the fact that I’m sitting on the freeway and it feels very stable, and I think one cool thing that this car will have as a differentiator is a sort of solid stable feel and performance that riven doesn’t quite offer, and certainly something that tesla doesn’t offer now something else that I’m a little surprised by just going through a little bit of cornering here, honestly, we know that plat is faster based on the times, but this feels just as quick as planned um and it’s two point something second zero to sixty doesn’t really matter anyway it stood all feels insane your drawback here is price, but the thing is that there are going to be less expensive versions more affordable and this car delivers a lot for the price.

You’re getting supercar levels of acceleration, cutting-edge technology, and a range of 500 miles or more.

It’s an amazing all-around EV, and I think a strong case could be made that it’s the best all-around EV, but you’re paying an exorbitant price for it.

That’s just the world you’ll be living in if you want everything, and that’s always been true in cars and all other goods, and I think it’s a great lucid is a new startup company that few people have heard of, but that was ten years ago, and this vehicle has a lot of potential.

It has incredible technology and gorgeous style.

a huge selection fantastic opulence There’s a lot to like here, and now it’s time to give the lucid air a Doug score, which is 73 out of 100, putting it among the greatest vehicles I’ve ever evaluated.

It’s tied with the Tesla Model S plaid, and a point ahead of the Porsche Tycon Turbo S.

The three automobiles, though, are strikingly different.

The ticon is the most engaging to drive in this crew while the lucid is certainly the nicest but the plaid is probably the best value for the next few years people will ask me which of these they should get and the answer is that it depends what you want if you want luxury get the lucid and if you want driving excitement get the ticon the plaid is sort of in between