The Jeep Wrangler 2022 The Rubicon 392 is the pinnacle of Wranglers

This is the new 2022 jeep wrangler rubicon 392 and it’s the ultimate jeep wrangler there have been many wranglers over the years but this is the king of them all it has a 470 horsepower v8 and a starting price of just under 80 000 dollars and today I’m going to review it before I get started be sure to check out cars and bids which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era now with free This beautiful new Ford Bronco sold for little under $70,000, while this terrific Subaru Baja sold for $17,500.

If you’re wanting to buy or sell a contemporary enthusiast vehicle, truck, or suv from the 1980s and up, is the place to go with daily auctions and a large variety, so let’s speak about the Jeep Wrangler 392.

For years, enthusiasts have pleaded with Jeep to put a v8 in the wrangler, but Jeep has refused, citing emissions and fuel economy regulations.

However, now that the wrangler is facing stiff competition from the new Ford bronco, Jeep has finally given enthusiasts what they want, a wrangler with a v8 a 6.4 liter hemi v8 with 470 horsepower and it’s a rubicon model to maximize its off-road capabilities, Now that I’ve examined various variants of the new Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Gladiator truck, I won’t go over everything in depth in this article, but I will cover some of the unique 392 features.

Starting with the engine, finally a v8 in a jeep wrangler enthusiasts have been asking for it for years and after market companies have been doing it for years but jeep has never really put a v8 in a wrangler the last time they did it was in the late 1970s when the wrangler was called the cj and the v8 made about 150 horsepower it wasn’t anything like today so this is a huge deal now this engine is just the The extreme recon package also includes extra lifted suspension, which I say extra because the standard 392 is already two inches higher than the standard wrangler thanks to fox shocks that lift it up for more suspension travel, but with the extreme recon package you get another inch and a half of lift for even more off-road capability so this thing can really go anywhere but anyway next up It’s also worth mentioning that the 392 is only available as a four-door, not a two-door, which is probably a good thing since this much power in a smaller wheelbase four-door would be ridiculous.

only Next, you can see that the wheels have a bronze color to them that is unique to the 392 because bronze is the color of the 392 and several accent and trim pieces are finished in bronze for example, the front toe hooks are bronze and so is all the badging with this vehicle on the side you can see jeep and the trail rated badge they’re all in bronze to celebrate the fact that this is a trail rated vehicle.

Now, if you didn’t know to look for the bronze accents, you might not even realize you’re next to a 392 rather than a standard wrangler rubicon because there aren’t that many badges.

You do have a 392 badge on the hood, which you can see on the bump for the air intake, but aside from that, it’s not particularly clear.

Jeep Wrangler 2022 The Rubicon 392 Gallery Image

You do have quad exhausts around back that are unique to the 392 model, but they’re kind Next, we go inside the wrangler 392 where there aren’t many giveaways that this is the 392 because there aren’t that many 392 specific items now you do have bronze stitching in various places like on the seat you can see bronze stitching same deal on the steering wheel more bronze and also the parking brake and the gear selector the four-wheel drive lever all stitched in bronze reminding you that this is the car’s special color you also have bronze stitching on the steering wheel reminding The 392 is only available in four-wheel drive, and as you can see, the shift lever allows you to shift into low range if you want to do some serious off-roading, and you also have differential lockers because this is a Rubicon front and rear differential lockers, which improve your off-road capabilities.

Now there are a couple other oddities in here that aren’t linked to the 392 particularly.

One is the roof, which is a pretty fascinating aspect of this car.

As you can see, it’s like a black roof that doesn’t match the vehicle and doesn’t look plastic because it’s a gigantic sunroof.

Jeep knows that most people who buy these like the idea of an open-air off-roader, but they also know that most people want a hard top for practicality and cold weather reasons, so they give you both.

This is a hard top with a giant sunroof that opens up automatically over both the front and rear seats to create a full open-air vehicle experience, which is cool, but you keep the roof in place so you don’t have to take off the hard top.

Instead of just a generic vehicle, the temperature control has a jeep on it for recirculating air, and the same goes for this button, which is the off-road cruise control, and every time you turn on the 392 you get a tiny jeep.

There’s an article playing in your middle gauge cluster screen, along with a little miniature jeep driving through the bottom of the screen, which is a neat little peculiarity.

I appreciate all the little jeep easter eggs built into this vehicle since it makes you feel more jeep unique now.

Last but not least, each wrangler comes with a little bag that reads Jeep on it and includes the tools for removing the doors.

Taking off the doors on a Jeep is a simple task that can be completed entirely with these tools, unlike removing the doors on a Ford Bronco, which is a more difficult process.

Next up, all of the equipment for removing the doors are right here, so it’s time to drive the 392.

The first crazy thing about this vehicle is when you start it up and you hear that and it’s not what your mind has trained you to hear from a wrangler for so many years it’s just crazy to hear this big v8 but the really crazy thing happens when you floor it damn you know the funny thing is it doesn’t feel that fast like it’s quick obviously but it’s not insane but it feels really fast This is an impressive vehicle with insane power, but it’s also like 80 grand plus for a jeep, which is a lot of money to spend, especially with the new bronco raptor coming out.

Still, if you want the ultimate jeep, this is it, and now it’s time to give the wrangler 392 a dug score, and the dug score is here 62 out of 100, which puts the wrangler 392 in great company against rival The wrangler 392’s major flaws are its exorbitant cost, particularly given today’s market fluctuations, and the fact that it doesn’t appear significantly different from a standard wrangler, which I believe is a mistake.

Part of the reason for the raptor’s popularity is how much more powerful it seems, but the Wrangler 392 is still fantastic, although imperfect and inefficient.