Full Review of the GMC Hummer EV 2022: The Best Electric Pickup Truck

This is a prototype version of the 2022 gmc hummer ev, which is a new electric pickup truck from General Motors, but that’s understating things a touch since it has some incredible figures like a thousand horsepower and a zero to sixty time of under three seconds.

It’s also the return of the hummer brand, with a sticker price of more over $100,000.

Before I get started, be sure to check out cars and bids, which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era, and we’ve had some great sales recently on cars and bids, including several cars we’ve sold for more money than the competition, for example this 2009 mercedes cl63 brought 45 500 on cars and bids and failed to sell for under 40 000 on a competitor’s site same deal wit this 2009 mercedes cl63 brought 45 500 on So let’s talk about the hummer ev.

As you may know, the hummer brand was synonymous with massive gas guzzling suvs until it died about 10 years ago.

Well, now it’s back and it’s electric, and the numbers are insane.

This truck has around a thousand horsepower and can go from zero to sixty in three seconds, numbers that would have been unthinkable for the gas powered hummer suvs of the past.

As for pricing, these trucks will go on This vehicle has little easter eggs hidden all throughout it, which I will show you, but there are two very important ones you notice the moment you open the door.

One is on the door sill, where you have this little graphic that is the grille of this vehicle reprinted here on the door sill with little h’s at the end, those h’s are part of the light signature in the front grill, and of course h is intended to stand for hummer, and there are little h easter There are now no fixed roof variants, therefore in addition to being an electric pickup truck, it is now also a convertible.

Two interesting things about these roof panels: when you remove them, you can stow them in the front trunk (yes, there is a front trunk, we’ll get to that in a minute), but each one of these will come with bags or some sort of accessory organizer system to make it even easier to get them out and put them back on or take them off.

It’s also worth noting that each roof panel is a separate piece; they are not in a set.

Also worth noting is that you can remove the crossbar that runs between the detachable roof panels over the front seats; you can see a little panel with the words “max view release” printed on it.

If you take a screwdriver and unscrew the little holes next to that, you can undo this little panel, there are two more holes in the back, and then you can remove it and take it off for a full open air experience in the front, it’s not quite as easy to remove as the removable panels, but you can still get it off if you want a full kind of top-down feel up here now next up, I want to talk interior and i’m going to start with the I’ll start with the drive modes.

You can adjust the drive modes with this dial here in the center.

You twist it and it changes drive modes, and each new drive mode is displayed on this screen in a wonderful manner.

The car sort of breaks through this cyber wall and onto the surface that you’ve selected, and it’s very cool to see each surface have its own little display and Article that goes along with it.

There are a couple of interesting things here.

When you go into off-road modes, it asks you to confirm that you want to go into them, and the message that appears isn’t your standard legalese message; instead, it’s a clever little quirky message, which is sort of a theme of this vehicle; it’s not your typical General Motors humorless stuff, but something a little more interesting and edgy.

I also like the fact that when you switch to tow mode, Because it’s another moon reference, the visual on the screen is an electric hummer dragging a space shuttle.

I said there would be a lot of them, and there are still more to come.

Also interesting in this screen are a variety of off-roader displays that will be useful when you’re out on the trails.

For example, you can see a g meter right here, as well as a drift meter that shows your maximum drift angle so you can compare it to your friends.

I was surprised that General Motors got that by their legal team, but they did.

You also have other graphics here showing things like motor usage, so when you accelerate it shows exactly which motors are beiing used.

This will also display your tire pressures, which is useful while off-roading, and there is even an altimeter that displays your current accurate height in case it becomes important when off-roading your electric hummer.

up next Another interesting feature of this panel is the camera system.

This vehicle has 18 different cameras on the outside to show you this truck from basically every angle, and there’s even a camera under the vehicle to see what you’re about to roll over, and that under car off-road camera has a little squirter you tap to clean it off because of course this camera gets dirty all the time, but you can clean it without actually getting under the truck which is very convenient.

Another interesting feature of the screen is that the auxiliary switches are in here.

Most pickups come with auxiliary switches that aren’t connected to anything, but you can use them if you want to connect something like a winch or a light bar or whatever.

When you connect stuff, you can name the switch exactly what it controls and even assign a picture to it.

As you can see, some of the pictures are quite interesting and quicky annotated.

You can do a lot of various things with these auxiliary switch graphics.

Another cool feature on this screen is a mode that allows you to select when the vehicle will notify you when you reach a certain tire pressure.

For example, if you’re airing down your tires before going off-roading, you can select when you want the car to honk its horn and once you reach that pressure, it’ll honk and let you know you’ve arrived, which is pretty cool because you won’t have to keep measuring your tire pressures.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in tire air compressor in the electric hummer, which is a shame because I have one in my land rover defender and the rivient has one as well, which makes it easy to air up and air down your tires.

You don’t have that here, but this does help a little because it makes it easier to measure when your tires are at your desired pressure now other than those items, the center screen is relatively simple and works similarly to other general motor screens though it is a You still have physical switches, but you don’t need as much space for them because they can be dynamic and change based on what you’re adjusting very cool now below these switches you can see another row of switches in the center for various different items and below that you have your climate vents which are in a h pattern once again I warned you there would be a lot of h’s in this vehicle and there’s still more to come but next let’s talk crab walking wh This one behind the steering wheel is very useful and informative, just like the center screen, and you can see some moon graphics in the background, tying it in with all the other little moon easter eggs with this vehicle.

Now this center screen displays a lot of different information and you can adjust it in several different ways, for example, there’s a sport configuration that displays the power meter very front and center so you know exactly how much power you have.

This display here will show you exactly what systems are using exactly how much energy, so if you’re trying to maximize your range, you can figure out exactly what you should be turning off or at least conserving in order to do that because it’s showing what’s using the most energy, but let’s move on to the rest of the quirks and features in this interior starting over here on the passenger side of the dashboard with this edition one badge this is an edition ONE badge.

Take a look at the floor mats, which are a little dirty but have an interesting design on them that is once again the surface of the moon intended to be a lunar surface on the floor mats once again tying it back to that moon theme of this being the moonshot vehicle for General Motors and for Hummer.

Speaking of easter eggs, there’s another one on the windshield, where you can see a little hummer from the front moving towards you on the driver’s side, which is a cool little quirk, and another one on the center screen, where you can see a little hummer from the front kind of moving towards you on the driver’s side, which is a cool little quirk.

Next, we’ll speak about some unusual controls in here, such as this paddle on the left side of the steering wheel that controls your regen and just the left side of the steering wheel.

You can use that paddle to adjust how much regen you’re using when you’re slowing down.

Another interesting control up front is the rear window rolls down.

I’m not talking about just the rear windows and doors.

If you press this button next to the rear view mirror, the rear window rolls down behind the seats, which is a really cool feature that just disappears, allowing for a nice breeze in this interior.

Another noteworthy control in this section is the shifter, which is, to be honest, weird, despite its easy function.

You press a little button on the left and then you shift it down to go into drive or up to go into reverse, and if you want to go into park, you just press the p button on the top of the shifter and then you’re in park fairly straightforward even though it looks a little strange now in the vicinity of the shifter let’s go back to that button inside the drive mode dial you can see top or bottom on this button is an image of the truck with an arrow point The top raised suspension mode will have around 16 inches of ground clearance which is a huge figure better than the jeep wrangler ford bronco should be able to go over a lot of stuff now the most interesting part of this button is to the right where you can see a little h inside like a triangle if you press that nothing happens now the most interesting part of this button is to the left where you can see a little h inside like a triangle if you press that nothing happens Finally, there are two more really cool buttons in this interior, both to the left of the steering wheel, one of which rolls down all of the windows at once, which is quite cool.

I wish all cars had this feature, but this one does.

Since I’m up front, let’s talk about the other cool stuff in the front of this truck, starting with the light bar, which is especially cool you can see it here the middle part is illuminated and says hummer and at the very end the r also says ev to remind you it’s not a standard gas powered hummer you also have the little lights at the end which are h’s as you can see and when you put on the turn signal the little h r flashes As I mentioned earlier, this is an edition one model, which means it comes with all of the cool off-road goodies like these massive tow hooks and a skid plate that runs entirely underneath the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about damaging anything when you’re taking this truck off-road.

With the edition one and the off-road features you also get upgraded tires for added capability and an upgraded suspension for added comfort.

You also have this little railing that you can pop out and grab onto to make getting into the bed even easier.

You can also put it back to its regular tailgate down configuration and just pop up this little panel at the end which effectively acts as a bed extender and gives you more space if you want to put stuff in your bed, and you can even put the tailgate up and then just put this center piece down which could make getting into the bed even easier.

There isn’t much going on in here except for a big h in the center, as you might expect, and a couple of panels that look removable that are access panels that can give you access to the shocks in case you need to get to them for whatever reason.

Also mounted in this bed, you can see under this cover, you have a power outlet back here, which obviously could be useful for a variety of items you can plug in.

General Motors has informed me that a motorized tonneau cover is on the way, so the bed is now open, but there will be an auxiliary tonneau cover that will open and shut with the touch of a button, which may be very beneficial.

Back here a few other things worth noting: the tail lights have a h shape to them again, but this time it’s twisted 90 degrees almost vertical, but it’s still unmistakably a hummer h; you also have massive tow hooks back here, just like in front; they’re very useful and necessary if you go off-roading to get this truck unstuck or, more likely, to get someone else free by using this truck; and finally, since I’ Back here, you can see these buttons for heated seats, which is a lovely touch.

You have a lot of charge ports in the back, you can see usb-c and usb-a right next to each other, but there’s also a household style power outlet down here under this cover, which is particularly useful it’s nice to have one household charger in the interior of the vehicle to charge whatever you need while you’re driving along that doesn’t plug into usb good to see that here you can also see a lot of moon refs, which is nice to see.

The moon surface is printed into the floor mats again, as are the speaker covers back here, and even this little storage cubby has the moon on the bottom instead of just a regular rubber piece, which is a cool little quirk.

Also worth noting is that the back seat, the center part of the two side rear seats, opens and there’s a little storage cubby behind it for some hidden storage.

If you need a flat surface in the truck to stick larger items you have that here and that’s the quirks and features of the new gmc hummer ev pickup.

Now it’s time to go behind the wheel and see how it drives.

It’s something people liked about the old hummer models, so it makes sense to want to bring that back.

You have an upright windshield, you have a very square dashboard, as I mentioned earlier, you have a square dashboard, everything is square, a lot of squares rectangles in here to kind of give that feeling of muscle now i’ll say one surprising thing here uh it’s a relatively smooth ride, not even just relatively because I’m on a dirt road with some ruts With the weight so low, it doesn’t feel quite as large and heavy when you’re turning and stuff all right, i’m going to try a little bit of acceleration this is one of the big things about this vehicle wow it feels really really really quick uh no surprise of course it you step on it and it really really starts to go even on this which is a loose surface and that’s cool you know that’s what you want to do when you’re off-roading that’s what you This is a really large truck.

General Motors hasn’t revealed the exact weight of this car, but you have to guess that in order to make a vehicle this huge to move this fast, there’s a very heavy battery here, and it’s definitely several tons to get it running this fast.

I’m also happy with the steering on this; I’m not driving on a racetrack, but just cruising about, and it seems a lot less floaty than other large trucks and, frankly, other big suvs.

One thing that surprised me about this vehicle in particular is the ride quality.

It definitely rides better than rivian and feels more comfortable than that there’s no doubt about that.

It has a more luxury car feel to it really really impressively so I would venture to say this is probably the best riding pickup truck I’ve ever spent any time in.

The latest model in the fiercely competitive electric pickup truck segment, this has a lot of promise tough cool looks great technology amazing performance and i’m really excited for it to go on sale especially the more affordable versions but for now it’s time to give the hummer ev a doug score and the dug score is here 73 out of 100 which ties the rivian r1t for the best score i’ve ever given a pickup truck now my opinion here is going to be People love rivian and tesla because they’re upstart underdog brands, and they love the f-150 lightning because it’s more rational and far more affordable, but I’m one of the few people who’s seen all of these trucks (except the tesla, which doesn’t exist), and personally, I prefer the hummer ev.

I love the interior, I love the removable roof, I love the capabilities, and the ride quality and driving experience is phenomenal, certainly better than

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