The New Toyota GR86 For 2022 Is Faster And Better Than Before

This is the new 2022 Toyota gr86, and it’s the new version of Toyota’s little sports car.

You may know it as the scion frs or the toyota 86, but now there’s a completely new model called the gr86, and today I’m going to review it.

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They have a huge variety and auctions every day. So, let’s speak about the gr86. As previously said, this automobile was also marketed as a Subaru, which is still known as the Brz. If you prefer a Toyota, here it is.

You get a lot of the same features as the new brz, including rear-wheel drive and a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine that produces about 230 horsepower, which is about 25 more horses than the old model, and there’s more new stuff than just that.

Of course, the gr86 has a revised look compared to the old Toyota 86, and an updated interior with some better technology than before, and basically everything I said before.

On the outside, the exterior styling has been heavily updated compared to the outgoing model, and frankly, I think it’s a big improvement at first glance it looks fairly similar to the old version, but when you stand next to it it has a different look and a better one to me it looks more muscular, robust, and more like a true sports car the outgoing one was okay, but it had kind of an economy car turned sports car look to it to me this one looks more muscular, robust, and more like The standard model costs roughly $29,000, but the premium version costs a little more than $31,000.

This is a premium variant, and there are a few ways to tell on the exterior. One is the wheels. The wheels on both variants seem to be comparable, but the premium 18-inch wheels are bigger than the 17-inch wheels on the standard model, and the premium also receives superior tires in this area.

This vehicle has Michelin Pilot Sport tires for improved grip and therefore performance, thus wheels and tires are different on the premium, and the rear wing is another difference between the standard gr86 and the premium on the exterior.

It’s bigger on the premium, and you can see how they make it bigger by simply tacking on a larger wing to the already existing smaller wing, as you can see it looks like it’s just stuck on here and rises up a little bit higher than the regular rear wing, and that’s how they make the bigger upgraded wing in the limited, just a wing stuck on another wing, and next up another notable item around back is the badging on this car, you can see You also get leather and alcantara trimmed seats pretty nice looking and nice feeling alcantara and leather sportsies that look pretty good very premium just like the name of this car now the premium trim also gives you some more alcantara in the interior like on the door panel here you can see looks pretty nice and on the top of the gauge clust looks pretty nice and you also get heated seats you can see the buttons here two stage heated seats four driver and passenger seat which is pretty nice and you also get leather and alcan My only disappointment here is that the only way to get to this display is to put the car in track mode, which also disables traction control.

It would be nice to be able to switch to this display while cruising around without having to disable traction control.

Aside from the screens, this interior is very similar to the outgoing model.

If you spent time in an older brz frs or toyota 86, you’ll feel very comfortable and right at home.

The steering wheel is very similar, in fact it may be the same as the outgoing 86 and brz, so that’s pretty much carried over, and these buttons here in the center control stack that adjust other climate control functions aren’t exactly the same as the prior model, but they’re pretty similar, plus the overall look and feel layout of this interior dashboard and controls are all pretty similar to the outgoing model, so if you’ve been in the old one you’ll definitely recognize them.

Toyota knows that nobody is going to use these things, so they have the same alcantara and leather trim as the front seats, which at least makes them look nice, which is nice since you’ll mostly be looking at them and not actually using them, but anyway speaking of the back of the gr86, next up we move on to the trunk.

Getting into the trunk is kind of cool actually you press this little rubber button hidden in this black trim s People have been begging for more power in the frs and brz for ages, and now it’s here in the gr86 about 230 horsepower here, which is about 25 horsepower more than the outgoing model, and that’s a pretty big boost more than 10 especially in a car this size and weight, but also boosted is torque about 185 pound-feet of torque.

a very welcome change to the gr86 so you’re curious how does the extra power and this brand new model translate to actual driving on the road let’s find out all right driving the new gr86 now as I mentioned earlier I did review the new subaru brz and i’ll link that review in the description below it’s not more comprehensive necessarily but obviously the cars are so similar they’re so related uh that it might be worth watching that too I did go a littll Just a little bit more the old one was great and this one is even better amazing precision and amazing handling experience in this car now again I want to talk power here because I think you could have an even better car if you gave it even more power this is basically the same powertrain that’s used in the subaru ascent crossover and that vehicle has a turbo and it adds about 30 more horsepower to like 260 and I think that would be the perfect number for this car and toyota Overall, I’m really impressed with this car, and it’s kind of interesting because when I first saw the images of it, I thought to myself, “Well, it looks like the old one, so it’s probably going to be relatively similar to the old one,” and it is, but they’ve improved it just so slightly in a lot of ways that matter because this car was always about lightweight fun performance, not having some brand new special technology in the interior,” and it’s it’s a great little sports car I like the old fr-s and 86, but this vehicle is superior.

More power is clearly a plus, and the style has been modified little but enough to make it appear more current and nicer.

This is a fantastic sports car that just got better for 2022, and now it’s time to give the new gr 86 a Doug score.

The Doug score is here 56 out of 100, exactly the same as the subaru brz, which is no surprise because there’s not much to distinguish the gr86 from the brz, and frankly, I don’t think that’s a disadvantage because the brz and gr86 are both fantastic cars that drive wonderfully, and they’re also big improvements over the prior