The Mercedes-Maybach S580 is a stunning $200,000+ ultra-luxury sedan set to debut in 2021

Mercedes-Maybach S580 Review This is a 2021 Mercedes maybach s580 luxury sedan with a sticker price of around 212000 and an amazing amount of features both in front and back and today I’m going to review the new mybach s-class and show you everything before I get started be sure to check out cars and vids which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era now with free listings you can list your car for free on cars and bids We’ve had a lot of success with vans on cars and bids.

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Let’s chat about the Maybach S-class.

You’re probably familiar with the Mercedes-Benz s-class, which is their flagship luxury sedan, and I recently reviewed the brand new model fine but this is a different realm of s-class, the top-tier luxury version for mercedes mybach luxury brand, and yes, 212 000 is a big deal because a regular s-class starts around 110 000, so this is basically double but it has so many luxurious amenities, features, and equipment that the competition for this car isn’t bmw This is one of the most luxurious luxury cars in the world, and today I’m going to review it.

First, I’ll take you on a thorough tour of the new Mybach s-class, showing you all of its amazing quirks and features, then I’ll take it out on the road and drive it, and then I’ll give it a Doug score all right, I’m going to start the quirks and features of the new Mybach s-class in the back seat, which makes They gave two buttons, one for each back passenger, but let’s go through what’s in this central compartment.

There are two sets of cup holders in here, each serving a distinct function.

The cup holders closest to you are shallow; you press them down and they don’t go all the way down; however, these little silver pieces clamp down when you push the cup holder down; this is because these cup holders are for champagne flutes; you put a champagne flute in here and it clamps down on the base of the champagne flute, preventing champagne from spilling into the back of your Maybach.

The second set of cup holders are more classic cup holders, but they are heated and cooled, and when you click the button to heat or cool them, the cup holders change color based on whether you have it on heating or cooling, which is a really amazing touch.

Your final thing up here is your rear-seat climate control, which has two different climate zones for rear-seat passengers, allowing each passenger to sit in their preferred climate temperature, fan speed, and so on, and we’re still not done with the fantastic luxury amenities back here.

Next, I’d like to discuss the screens.

You can see these two touch screens mounted on the backs of the front seats, one for each rear passenger.

These are touch screens with the Mercedes MBux infotainment system, and they control everything in back that the driver and passenger can control in front.

For example, if you want to change the radio station for the entire car, you can do so back here or change the media source.

If you want to make a phone call, you can do so back here on This one in the center has the same functions as the screens in the back of the front seat, and you can scroll through here and do everything you can up front navigation, destination phone calls, and radio station calls from this tiny little screen.

However, because this screen is sitting flat facing up in the center console, you have to kind of sit up and angle your head to see it, which can be annoying unless you don’t.

You have a portable tablet back here that you can use to control all of the vehicle functions you don’t even have to bother with screens that are mounted on stuff that’s the level of luxury we’re talking about and some of the controls in this little portable screen are really crazy for example you can turn on reading lights back here now of course you could just reach up tap the light and turn it on but if you don’t want to go to all that trouble you can turn on the reading lights using this little portable screen.

Also, you can close a shade over any window back here, the side windows, the back window, the sunroof, but my personal favorite is the sun shade for this tiny little quarter window mounted next to the headrest just in case you really want to keep the sun out and get some sleep while you’re being driven along, even that window has a little sunshade curtain thing which is pretty nice, but just in case you’re not satisfied with all that stuff perhaps you’ll want to look at this.

You have my back logos on the door sills, of course, so you know what you’re getting into when you climb inside, and there’s a maybach logo between the seats directly above the refrigerator latch, and you also have my back logos on the pillows, imprinted into these fluffy little pillows is the maibok logo, just so every surface possible can remind you precisely what you’re riding in, but when it comes to mybach logos the e is the best.

The mybach logo is projected out on the side to remind you how special this car is, but check this out, the maybach logo on this rear pillar also lights up to show everyone in the vicinity that yes, this is a maybach in case those projections on the ground weren’t enough, the logo on both sides is lighting up to really drive home the point that you’re in the mybach, the flagship luxury Mercedes, but it’s not like you need all those mybach logos lighting up.

Two-tone paint is now exclusively reserved for high-end luxury cars, and in this case, according to the window sticker 14-5 for this two-tone obsidian black and cirrus silver paint, this paint color costs fourteen thousand five hundred dollars more.

By the way, speaking of the window sticker, I have purchased working automobiles for less money than the paint on this car.

Another notable item is the champagne flutes that come with this car, which are 3 200 extra for my box champagne flutes, which is pretty insane, but to me the most obvious luxury cue on the outside of this car is the wheels, which are these giant flat surface silver wheels that just scream opulent luxury, which I call dinner plate wheels because they kind of look like a dinner plate and you know you’ve made it when you’re driving around in a mybach on dinner plaza.

Also odd is how you switch the vents on and off.

Instead of a small wheel you move to shut or open the vents like most vehicles, you push this button and these lights come on to inform you if your vent is open or closed and how much.

Because Mercedes-Benz had to make room for the center screen, which is massive and quite easy to use, the vents are small and positioned fairly high in the dashboard.

This is the latest MBux system, and it’s fantastic I love this system very easy to use intuitive quick to respond to your touch it’s really really great one of my favorite infotainment systems in any vehicle today, and as you can see, managing the screen is really straightforward.

You have your temperature controls down the bottom, with no hard buttons, but they’re constantly in this location on the screen, making them easy to reach above the climate controls.

You have the rest of your controls here, including this little sliding band of controls that you can use to adjust various different systems and items throughout the car radio navigation phone and all that sort of stuff pretty simple and very easy to use in this fantastic mbux system now even more interesting than that is the gauge cluster in this car, which is 3d.

I can’t show you this on camera, but your eyes can see it when you’re sitting in here, so you’ll have to trust me.

The gauges are actually at a different 3d level than the rest of this gauge cluster; it’s all done virtually, and it’s incredibly cool to see if you can actually see it.

Now, as I mentioned, I can’t easily show you that 3d gauge cluster, but I can show you the heads-up display, which of course projects information onto the windshield.

Even in its regular form, the heads-up display is pretty useful and you get a lot of good info there, but it’s especially Check this out: you adjust the climate control temperature in this car, and it shoots out a little band of color corresponding to the adjustment you just made, so if you made it hotter, it’s a red little shot, and if you made it colder, it’s a blue little streak of light going across the dashboard, which is really cool and it corresponds to exactly when you make your adjustment, so you tap hot three times, and it sends out three little pew pew pews I’ve reviewed a lot of super high-end luxury cars with refrigerators, and I’ve never seen a removable one before that gives you back some of your cargo space if you don’t want to use the refrigerator, which is a very cool idea in the mybach, and so those are the quirks and features of the new mybach s-class now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives.

This vehicle is seriously opulent and luxurious, and it’s just so calming and wonderful in here.

Now, if you’re looking for actual consumer advice, I’ll tell you that it’s not quite as calm and collected and luxurious as a bentley or a rolls-royce in here, although I think that’s even a little bit more comfortable and insulated than this car the materials quality just isn’t quite the same in the bentley’s or if new flying spurs about The eqs really advances the game ahead and gives you a clue of where Mercedes-Benz is headed, and it’s strange to be in a vehicle with one of the greatest infotainment systems in the business and yet feel a bit old because Mercedes-Benz does it even better.

The point of this car is luxury and features, and it delivers it’s just so nice to sit in here and be calm and the world is on the outside and you don’t have to really think about it it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really a fantastic car it’s really really The acceleration from 0 to 60 is in the low 4 second range, earning it a 7 out of 10 rating.

The handling is average for a vehicle of its kind, and it receives a 5 out of 10 rating.

The enjoyment factor remains the same; it’s fast but not thrilling, which isn’t really the goal, therefore it earns a 5 out of 10.

When compared to a standard s-class, the cool factor is increased, and it receives a 6 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 29 out of 50.

The daily categories and features come next.

It’s jam-packed with cutting-edge technology and receives a 9 out of 10 rating.

similar bargain on comfort It earns a 9 out of 10 for being really comfy and luxurious, but just missing out on being the greatest.

The quality is outstanding.

The inside is wonderfully elegant and lovely, and it receives a 9 out of 10 for dependability.

For a vehicle of its kind, practicality is mediocre, and it receives a 5 out of 10 rating.

The value is a little skewed.

It’s a good deal compared to a bentley or a rolls-royce, but it’s expensive compared to an ordinary s-class that has a lot of the same features.

It gets a 5 out of 10 for a daily score of 27 out of 50.

The maybach has a digg score of 66 out of 100, placing it among the top luxury sedans.

It’s no phantom or even flying spur, but it’s also less expensive than those two.

The maybach is a superb luxury sedan, basically a budget bentley with some outstanding amenities and technology.