The 2021 Chevy Blazer Is a Huge Letdown: Review of the Chevy Blazer 2021

Review of the Chevy Blazer 2021 – This is the new Chevrolet Blazer, and it’s a colossal blunder.

The off-roader suv category is booming right now, with models like the Toyota 4runner and Jeep Wrangler selling like hotcakes.

Ford brought back the bronco as a cool off-roader suv, land rover brought back the defender as a cool off-roader suv, and chevy brought back the blazer and gave us yet another boring crossover they totally missed the trend, and today I’m going to review the new blazer and explain why it’s such a disappointment before I get started be sure to check out cars and bids which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era now This magnificent roush ford f-150, which sold for $45,000, and this wonderful old-school chevrolet silverado, which went for over $17,000 in excellent shape.

If you’re looking to sell your cool enthusiast car or truck, cars and bids has a great selection and daily auctions on cars and bids dot com so let’s talk blazer now as I mentioned the off-roader suv segment has been huge recently the toyota 4runner is setting all-time sales records even though it’s an ancient vehicle the jeep wrangler is more popular than ever and there’s now a pickup truck version, a v8 version The new Ford Bronco has been revived to great fanfare, and the Land Rover Defender has also made a comeback, both with long waiting lists, so chevy saw this and decided to revive a historic suv name the blazer, but instead of cashing in on this major growing segment off rotors, chevy decided to give us another crossover they already had four crossovers they brought back the blazer name and said yeah let’s skip the off-roader thing and just make it You also have this row of buttons above the climate vents that are straight out of the camaro, as well as this cool display for changing the fan speed.

You tap these buttons up or down, and then little lights light up in this tiny screen in the center to tell you what the fan speed is, but that’s getting too specific because the overall look of this interior, as I mentioned, is far more camaro, with a low slung dashboard and a smaller hexagon screen.

It really does look like the front end of a camaro was ripped off and put into suv form for the blazer, which is annoying because it also means the blazer has probably the worst trait of the modern camaro, which is visibility.

The camaro has been widely criticized for its small windows, which make it difficult to see out of, and since they made the blazer look like the camaro, it too has relatively small windows and that really tiny back window thanks to that camaros Toyota sold around 130 000 forerunners at a far higher sticker price, and the current 4runner was released in 2010, thus an 11-year-old vehicle is outselling this brand new blazer at a higher price point, indicating that the off-roader demand exists.

The new ford bronco has debuted to great fanfare, excitement, and waiting lists, and that’s also true in the higher end space, where the land rover defender and the new mercedes g wagon are both in incredibly high demand, so chevy sees all of these off-roaders’ success and instead gives us yet another crossover, and frankly, a good portion of new blazer sales have gone to rental fleets, which isn’t true of any of the When the Ford raptor was released for the 2010 model year, GM confidently stated that it was just a trend that wouldn’t last and that there was no need to develop a competitor of their own.

Well, guess what, 12 years later, raptors are still some of the hottest vehicles on the market, selling for far more than sticker and in incredibly high demand, and everyone else has a competitor the toyota tundra trd pro, the ram trx, It doesn’t have that burly tough feel to it; it feels like a car just like all of chevy’s other crossovers, and I believe that’s why they decided to give the blazer some camaro design cues: they wanted to make it seem sportier than the other chevy crossovers, and at the very least give it some distinction from some of the other models in chevy’s lineup when people walk into a chevy dealer and ask you what’s the difference the beats they can at least travel Oh, this is the sporty one, but is it really the sporty one? Of course, the answer is no.

At the end of the day, this is a front-wheel-drive crossover, and the majority of them come with a 230 horsepower turbo four-cylinder engine that’s just not sporty, doesn’t drive sporty, and doesn’t feel sporty.

This one, on the other hand, has over 300 horsepower from a pretty strong and good v6, which is nice.

It’s speedy, but that’s true of just about anything these days, and although the engine is the high point of this vehicle, which isn’t saying much, the rest of the car seems cheap, with a general motors cost-cutting type cabin that’s decent.

It’s fine in here it really is this is a fine acceptable decent crossover especially at the price point it’s just not what it could have been and overall I mean ride quality you feel the bumps it’s not like an incredibly luxurious driving experience so it’s not really intended to be um acceleration engine noise you hear uh road noise It’s good for such a sarcastic vehicle.

It’s a decent crossover, and I’m sure they brought back the blazer name to help with sales with some familiarity, but it’s just a regular old crossover otherwise, and there are a lot of options in this segment, and this isn’t the one I’d choose unless I got a good deal, which is probably how a lot of these are sold at discounts, unlike the forerunner, wrangler, and other crossovers that are in such high demand that production can Another boring crossover as a crossover, it seems okay, but sales are nowhere near those of off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4runner, which this could have been.

It’s such a disappointing waste of the blazer name, and now I’m going to give the new blazer a dug score, which is a 45 out of 100.

The Chevrolet Blazer comes in dead last in this category, and for good reason: it has poor performance and bad aesthetics.

a low-cost interior with few distinguishing elements The blazer should have been designed as an off-road vehicle, but even as a crossover, it’s just OK, and I’d only suggest it if you can find a good bargain compared to competitors.