The New Range Rover 2022 Is a Magnificent Ultra-Luxury SUV : Range Rover 2022 Review

This is the new 2022 range rover and it’s the latest version of the world’s most famous luxury suv it’s not often that a new range rover comes out it’s been a decade since the last one but the new one is here and before I get started be sure to check out cars and bids which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era now with free listings you can list your car for free and auction it on.

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So, let’s discuss Range Rover.

The original was released more than 50 years ago, and it’s always been a luxury off-roader, but in recent years, it’s gotten even more luxurious, with new technology, features, and equipment, as well as a long wheelbase body type with some incredible luxuries.

The new Range Rover will be available in 2022, the first all-new model since 2013, and although it may seem comparable on the exterior, it has been entirely remodeled, particularly inside, as I’ll show you today.

Pricing will begin approximately 105 000.

I won’t be able to drive this one since it’s a pre-production model and it’s not drivable yet, but I can take you on a thorough tour and show you all the quirks and features of the new range rover before it goes on sale this spring, so let’s get started.

This is the first range rover with three row seating.

They’re not standard, and the third row is only available with the long wheelbase range rover.

You can’t get the third row with the regular wheelbase.

But the point is that it’s here, finally three row seating in a full-size range rover, and that’s a big deal.

But I’ll get back to the third row in a second because that’s not the seat I want to talk about right now.

We’re not done yet with the cool stuff you can do from the back of the Range Rover.

For example, you can automatically fold down the second row of seats by pressing these switches above the third row switches.

The second row will then fold down and, more importantly, it will also fold back up automatically by pressing these switches, and of course the third row will fold down and back up automatically by pressing these switches.

Put the second row down, put the third row down, put them both back up all independent whatever you want to do all controlled here and there are still more controls above that one of them has an image of a trailer with a light now when you press that the range rover’s exterior lights start doing this bizarre dance watch them they’re turning on and off at sort of random intervals left right the brake lights, the reverse lights it seems to make no sense it’s like the car is doing some kind of strange dance it’ Heated third row seats, which is a surprise because heated second row seats were a big deal not long ago, but now they’ve moved it to the third row, which is luxury, and by the way, speaking of climate control, the heated seats do have individual climate vents back here for the third row, one for each seat, which also helps to add to the comfort of the third row passengers, but anyway, next up we move back outside the new Range Rover before I close the door, I want to show you something Autobiography long wheelbase model, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the badges on this car because it only says autobiography in one place, right here at the base of the front door, and it doesn’t say anything else.

Back to brag about the trim level, it only says long wheelbase in one place on the side.

This little black l badge on the back door in the window is a subtle hint that you have the long wheelbase version again not mentioned in back not thrown in your face all about simplicity and subtlety with the new range rover and then there’s the back the back end of the new range rover has undoubtedly been the most controversial part but you can see the look easily fits into the overall theme no excessive badging back here very elegant very simple in fact it’s all about simplicity and subtlety with the new The new Range Rover comes standard with 21-inch wheels, the largest wheels ever fitted to a Range Rover 23s wheels have gotten absolutely huge another interesting item on the side you can see this silver piece back here at the end of this line down the side of the car you might be wondering what that is I asked Land Rover and they said it is purely for style sort of a finisher at the back just to make it look a little nicer also interesting on the side you can see this silver piece back here at the end of You can highlight both windows in this button and then press your switch to roll down both rear windows at once or roll them both back up at once, which is pretty cool to be able to do that with the push of one button.

The rear window switch also controls the rear sunshade, so you can pull up on the switch and the sunshade will go up, which is pretty cool to be able to do that with the push of one button.

Another sunshade will shut or open the overhead sunshade over the panoramic sunroof whether you want to keep the sun out or allow it in.

You’ll also find controls for your reading lights right next to your hand, as well as a few other intriguing things.

Back here, for example, you have lighted seat belt buckles, which are difficult to see during the day but very useful at night when you open the door and the buckles are lighted to make it easier to see where you need to put your seatbelt so you’re not rooting around trying to find it.

You also have rear seat climate controls, which are very nice and useful right here in the middle and have a clever function.

These little wheels you turn to adjust your climate control temperature, but if you push them in, they change and let you turn on the heated or cooled seats back here, which is quite neat.

Push them back out and you can go back to adjusting your climate control temperature.

When you don’t have anything plugged into the port, the large screens mounted on the backs of the front seats for the rear passengers don’t really do much.

They can show you navigation and you can control some settings, but there’s not a lot to them unless you plug in your hdmi, which is a little bit of a disappointment because some modern cars have built-in apps in these rear screens you can watch all sorts of stuff, but not the new range rover and next up we very nice Also worth noting on this screen is a nice 3d camera system that is pretty cool you can see all around the car basically every angle makes it easier to park or maneuver around in tight spaces which is nice to have overall the center screen is relatively intuitive and easy to use I just wish it didn’t have that haptic thing where you have to push down so hard to do things a touch screen is just so much simpler and more familiar to most people using their phones a The center console, for example, is an armrest, but you can lift it up and there’s a cooler in here that you can turn on to keep drinks or sandwiches cool while you’re driving, which is a nice touch.

Also worth noting is that the wood trim I mentioned in the center console can be pulled back to reveal cup holders in the back and a small storage area in front, which is obviously useful, and speaking of storage, you have a dual glove box.

You can see a screen that is fairly flexible; you have numerous choices for how you want information shown; for example, you can have a full-screen map on here and show all kinds of other things.

It’s one of the better gauge cluster screens in the car industry, very useful, very configurable, and very easy to use.

Speaking of using it, it’s controlled with these steering wheel buttons that change based on what screen you’re on in the gauge cluster.

Right now the buttons show one thing, but if you go into a different screen, the buttons change and show something else corresponding to what’s actually on the screen, which is a neat touch.