Review The USSV Rhino GX is a super SUV from the United States

Review The USSV Rhino GX is a super SUV from the United States.-

This is a USSV rhino, and it’s the ultimate SUV.

It’s also crazy.

You already know it’s mad because you can see it, but believe me when I say it’s way more ridiculous than you can imagine.

This will set you back approximately $300,000.

It’s armored, it has gun ports, and it’s fully street legal.

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I rented this rhino from ilusa, an exotic automobile business in southern California’s Orange County.

ilusso has an amazing inventory primarily sports car super cars and hyper cars it’s really quite incredible but they also have this you can check out ilusso by clicking the link in the description below and follow along on ilusos social media but anyway a little background here because I mean what the hell is this thing okay first ussv that stands for us specialty vehicles and they make this the rhino gx and there’s also a smaller model called the rhino xt now this is based on a ford f-450 super duty chassis and then it’s modified clearly the goal is to create the ultimate suv for someone who really needs security and protection and this has protection it’s armored for one thing and there’s a lot of other features designed for use in an apocalyptic scenario I mentioned the gun ports but there’s way more than just that which I will show you these are built here in southern california and like I said 300 000 or so for the ultimate suv and now it’s time to check it out first i’ll take you on a thorough tour of this and show you all the quirks and features of the rhino then i’ll get it out on the road and see how it drives and then i’ll give it a doug score all right i’m going to start the quirks and features of the ussv rhino gx by going over some of its more insane security measures designed to keep you safe in the event of an ambush by an attacker or the apocalypse one crazy measure is on the outside you can see right above the door there’s this little hand hold and then below the door you have like a little indentation and you have that in both front and rear doors that’s there so your security team can hang off the side of the car you’re driving along being chauffeured you can have security like hanging here with their guns drawn kind of scanning around to make sure that nobody comes up and ambushes you and so that’s why this stuff is here that’s the level of insanity that we’re talking about with the rhino but anyway next up with the ridiculousness that is the ussv rhino I want to talk about the doors now they open obviously so you can get inside but they are incredibly heavy just unbelievably heavy because they are armored and in fact if you parked on enough of an incline i’m not entirely sure that one person alone could close the doors they are absolutely crazy but they have to be to fend off attacks from bullets and maybe missiles now the doors have windows in them like in a normal vehicle and you can even see on the door panel on the front there are window switches but you can’t roll these windows down that’s because the windows are armored as well they are bulletproof and incredibly thick you can see the thickness right here in the front to help fend off attacks in case your armed security riding on the side didn’t shoot the attacker before he started shooting at you but even though the windows don’t roll down there is one way out on the doors and that would be this this is a gun port on the outside it looks just like a little black circle but you can open it up and fire a gun from the inside if you’re being ambushed the way you do that is on the inside you can see there’s this little silver pin you pull it out to release the lock and then you slide this little handle and that opens up the gun port and then from there you can kind of point the gun out and shoot now you don’t exactly have a lot of room to aim or to like swivel the gun because obviously you don’t want your attacker to be able to shoot at you through this hole so it’s very small but it’s there and there is one on each rear door so your security detail riding in the back can use this gun port if you’re being attacked again ridiculous and actually there’s another way out from the inside at least in back beyond the door and a little gun port and that would be the escape hatch it’s on the roof and you can see you twist this little lever and then you can push open this escape hatch and you can climb out that way if you absolutely had to or there’s maybe a dual purpose for this escape hatch you can pop out there and start shooting again at your attacker if you need obviously that would give you better aim although it does leave you a little bit more open to fire yourself but there’s an escape hatch in here if that’s important to you and the craziness doesn’t even come close to stopping there you have door locks in the rhino the regular four door locks of course and that’s fine for you or me but it’s not rhino buyer fine so there are auxiliary door locks dead bolt locks with metal deadbolts that will lock the doors to an even greater level of security you can see them here and to activate them you press this little switch to the left of the steering with a little lock and that will deadbolt the doors closed to make it even harder for an adversary to get inside your rhino that’s crazy and two other absolutely wild controls over here to the left of the steering wheel one you can see it’s labeled with a little fire that would be your smoke screen if you activate it the car will drop little droplets of oil into the exhaust to shoot out smoke behind you and create a smoke screen I guess to help you lose your tail if someone is after you that’s like a james bond movie thing but this car actually has it and it gets crazier there’s another switch there with like some nails on it and yes you guessed it activate that and it drops nails from the bottom of your rhino so you’re driving along someone’s tailing you you activate that and then your assailant’s tires are popped by the nails you have released from your car another ridiculous movie trick but this has it and we are nowhere near finished yet check this out right above the front seats there is a screen mounted in the ceiling now I was a little confused by what this did because the center screen takes care of most of your normal car functions well this is a thermal imaging camera screen it will show you like heat images from outside and you can see it’s showing like what’s hot and what’s cooler and that’s what you’re seeing here so if it’s dark and someone is like running away from you or trying to attack you and it’s too dark to see them you can see their body heat on your thermal imaging camera and you can turn up the brightness make it brighter or dimmer if you need and you can even switch it so that hot items are displayed in black if that’s what you want to see or switch it back so that hot items are displayed in white all thanks to your crazy thermal imaging camera system that enhances your security even further now that thermal imaging camera that is showing you this screen is mounted on the roof you can see it here mounted right in the center and pointing forward unfortunately it doesn’t seem like you can turn it around which would be cool so you’re only seeing what’s ahead of you with the thermal camera but it’s there and no doubt it makes you feel safer now you can also see near that thermal camera there is a giant led light bar in fact there are a lot of giant led light bars on the outside of the rhino you can see them on the sides you can see them in the back there are really bright leds pretty much everywhere you look here I guess the theory here is if you get ambushed at night you can make it look like day outside and maybe that’ll scare away your attackers now all of these led lights are controlled in this center touch screen here this little menu controls them all although it’s a little bit confusing it’s not exactly very well done because when you tap the lights you don’t really know which ones you’re turning on and it doesn’t tell you whether they’re on or off and when I was turning them off earlier I had to have someone stand outside the car and say okay yep no you not that one oh yeah that one okay good it was kind of annoying it would be a lot better if they had a better system to tell you which ones are on or off but if it’s at night and you’re using them obviously that’ll be pretty self-evident since they’ll be lighting up the dark bottom next up speaking of screens in this car right above this center screen you have the mirror which you can see is also a screen and strangely enough it’s a touch screen so when you tap it to select something you leave a fingerprint on your mirror and then if you want to put the menu away and just use it as a mirror you have fingerprints all over your mirror not really an ideal situation also kind of weird this mirror screen really just duplicates the functions of the center screen it has navigation it has like bluetooth and claims to have radio but the center screen has all that stuff too so for me I would just use this as a mirror although it’s not a particularly good one because you can see behind you your visibility is not great thanks to all of this armoring on the body of the car it really kind of constricts how well you can see out which could be a problem except that everyone will see you when you’re driving this and get out of your way now You can adjust the height obviously air suspension this you can go to a very high height if you’re going off-road you can go low maybe if you’re trying to get in and out there’s also a sport mode which I find absolutely ridiculous that this crazy vehicle has a sport mode but it does and you can dial that using the little suspension control panel right above the mirror.

cb radio built-in Another feature you don’t have in your automobile but would have if you had one of these now as far as the rest of the inside is concerned, apart from all of the great security counter measures, it’s sort of intriguing in here to make these trucks.

Ussv buys the most basic model ford f-450 because they’re going to heavily modify it anyway and don’t want to pay for things they don’t need, but the result is that the front the interior up here is a mishmash of really nice ussv stuff and really cheap basic ford stuff.

For example, the nice stuff the seats have this beautiful look.

two-tone with a lovely quilted leather center that looks great There are a lot of USSV emblems throughout the vehicle; they’re embroidered into the center console, which is also leather, and they’re stitched into the door panel, which is lovely, and you can see the door panel itself has a good aesthetic.

Except since this is the base model f series, you have no gauge cluster screen instead you get this kind of green dot pixelated display that just looks cheap and doesn’t really match the character of the car.

Since this started life as a base model super duty with no niceties or luxuries added, it’s just kind of funny to see that in such an expensive truck.

Another interesting one is over on the dashboard where you can see this cheap bargain level plastic that Ford uses on their most base model cars right next to this nice leather on the dashboard added by ussv with nice styling.

The steering wheel, like a lot of other things in here, is copied from Ford trucks, but you have the USSV emblem in an oval shape in the middle where the Ford oval logo would be, and they simply pop it off and put their own badge on there today.

In addition to the amusing mashup of cheap ford and nice luxury items, there’s another amusing item in here, which is the radar detector, which is built in next to the steering wheel to the right.

This vehicle weighs 9 600 pounds, so a radar detector is unnecessary, but it is there.

We’ll see if I can actually get it speeding when I drive it later, and then we’ll move on to the back seats for more quirkiness.

There’s also an entertainment system screen that drops from the ceiling so you can watch movies while being chauffeured about in perfect secure comfort, which is really nice, and if you want even more comfort, ussv offers an executive package with even more comfort.

Now that I’m in the third row, it’s a little tighter than the second row, but there’s still enough room for me and an adult to sit back here comfortably.

It’s worth noting that there are three seats in the third row, three across, and the middle seat would be incredibly tight if you actually had three people in back.

In terms of length, leg room, and headroom, everything is fine, but I wouldn’t want to put three in back.

Never heard of that before in any other car and you may be wondering why they did so well there is a reason when they buy these from Ford they come as dualies meaning they have two rear wheels on each side for a total of four wheels in the back.

Ussv didn’t want these to have a six wheel setup with four in the back and two up front for a few reasons number one if you get a flat tire in the back with a dually setup it makes it more difficult to change the tire and Never heard of anything like this before, but it’s a neat feat of engineering for this truck by the way, these tires are run flats, which means that even if they’re popped or punctured, you can still drive on them up to certain speeds to get away from danger by the way, to get back to the rear cargo area situation, you have to fold out the spare tire, which is pretty standard in vehicles with a spare tire, and then you open up this r The hood doesn’t appear to be armored; it appears to be more brutish than the one in a regular Ford F-450, but when you open it up, it’s just not all that heavy; it’s not heavy enough to be armored, and so I suspect it isn’t.

Now underneath the hood is the engine, which is a 6.7 liter Ford turbo diesel v8 that hasn’t been modified for this vehicle, which is interesting because this engine is known for Driving the rhino is catastrophically insane.

For starters, you’re sitting up incredibly high, which is probably true of the Ford truck it’s based on, but you’re looking out over this matte black hood that looks like beefy and muscular, and you look in the mirror and you see these like angry looking you know fender flares, and you’re like, okay, this is insane.

I can’t imagine coming across this vehicle on the road; you’d probably be mortified.

Nothing is going to mess with you when you’re driving this vehicle and there’s something kind of nice like oh I’m just not even slightly worried about anything in this car all right here goes i’m going to really floor it now yeah I mean it’s not that bad but that’s 30 35 like it isn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination the steering is also I mean the steering is like you’d expect from a super duty pickup truck but a super duty pickup truck but The rhino gx is a ridiculous vehicle, but in some ways it is the ultimate suv, and if a range rover is too plebeian for you and a bentley bentega isn’t tough enough, there’s always this.

Now it’s time to give the rhino gx a Doug score, starting with the weekend categories and styling the rhino’s look is an acquired taste, to say the least, and it gets a five out of ten acceleration is slow when it This isn’t fast or fun to drive around corners, but there’s definitely some enjoyment in driving the largest, most ridiculous thing on the road, which gets a six out of ten.

Similarly, in today’s world of big suvs being common, it’s hard to wow anyone with a big suv, but this is the ultimate big suv, which gets a seven out of ten for a total weekend score of 21 out of 50.

The daily categories and features come next.

The rhino has some novel safety and protection measures, but it lacks the latest in-car technology, and it gets a six out of ten comfort is fine, though it’s not exceptionally nice or luxurious that’s not really the focus here, and it gets a five out of ten quality is good enough the ford diesel engine will go forever, though materials are only okay, not amazing, and it gets a six out of ten practicality is a mixed bag it has a lot of seats and it can do When you combine it all together, you get a Doug score of 49 out of 100, which puts it in this category with other big cars.

The mercedes g-wagon 4×4 squared and g-wagon 6×6 are the rhino’s closest actual rivals, both of which are more tempting to me, but the rhino takes protection to a whole new level, and it’s a purpose-built vehicle for individuals who truly require safety and security.

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