Why Should the Toyota Land Cruiser 300-Series Be Sold in America in 2022?

Why Should the Toyota Land Cruiser 300-Series Be Sold in America in 2022? –

This is the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, which is the finest automobile that isn’t offered in the US.

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I borrowed this land cruiser from alpine armoring, which is an armored vehicle manufacturer in the washington, dc area.

Alpine armoring has amazing experience armoring all kinds of vehicles from luxury sedans to suvs to purpose-built tactical trucks, and they’ll be armoring this land cruiser as well.

You can learn more about alpine armoring by clicking the link in the description below, and you can follow them on instagram or subscribe to their youtube channel.

Yes, the land cruiser wasn’t hugely popular before, but it was a huge success among very wealthy people who wanted a discreet vehicle that was still a fantastic luxury suv without all the bling that comes with the lexus, but now it’s gone.

Fortunately, I’m going to review it anyway.

First, I’ll take you on a thorough tour of the new land cruiser, showing you all of its interesting quirks and features, then I’ll get it out on the road So this is a fairly basic land cruiser, but that’s kind of cool because land cruiser models in the United States have gotten so luxurious and expensive over the years if you’re into off-roading they have all kinds of stuff that you don’t need or want, and they’re so pricey because of it this is sort of a stripped-down kind of enthusiast spec land cruiser it has all the capabilities and durability of a land cruiser but without all that luxury stuff all right now I The chairs are made of cloth.

It’s been 20 years since there’s been a cloth seat land cruiser in America, and they’re manual seats.

This is such a surprise coming from the 90,000+ land cruisers we’re accustomed to here in America.

Not all of them are like that, but maybe my absolute favorite basic model is.

The infotainment screen, which isn’t actually a screen, can be seen here, but this version is so stripped down that it doesn’t have one instead it has an old school black and white faceplate radio sitting where the screen should be and the rest of the screen is filled out with buttons that would be part of a touch screen if that screen were actually here but it isn’t it’s amazing.

A locking differential is also included in this lane cruiser, and you can see this button here is your differential lockers, which is another crucial component for capabilities that they don’t leave out of even the most basic land cruisers like this one.

Next, you’ll notice a rather large dial here, which is your drive mode dial, and you can adjust it between three different drive modes, eco sport, normal, and so on, so you can choose how you want your land cruiser to operate.

Now, interestingly, below this drive mode dial, there’s a button labeled ect second, which you can press to start the land cruiser in second gear, which can be useful if you’re in a heavily icy slippagey situation Everything is simple and functional, as you can see with the climate controls, which are very easy to use and straightforward.

They aren’t of the highest quality, but that’s not the point; everything in here is designed to last and be simple, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

This is also true of the radio, which is a base model radio that is stuck into the infotainment screen blank and has very simple simple buttons that are easy to figure out.

Toyota probably doesn’t care about how easy this system is to use because most customers won’t get it and will instead opt for something nicer, but anyway, next we’ll look at a feature that I think is pretty cool it’s here in the center console between the front seats, which by the way has its own little trick it can open either way you have this little button over on the driver’s side press it and the center console opens so it has easy access to the driver’s b The only trim of the new land cruiser that I think I would prefer to this one is called the gr sport and it is very cool you can see it here.

You don’t have all these nice luxuries which would be nice but they drive up the price and they’re not really necessary if you just want to go off-roading and try out the amazing capabilities of the land cruiser this base model kind of fits in with the original land cruiser ethos carry people and go far and last forever One thing I’d like to talk about is the roominess back here.

I’ve got the front seat pushed pretty far back and still have decent space here.

My knees are right up against it, but it’s still pretty far back in position and I have good headroom.

You have decent sizing back here, not huge but certainly enough to transport adults in the front or back.

One interesting thing about this land cruiser is that the rear seat climate control is only air conditioning.

best of luck If you want to keep a car seat or a car seat base in the second row, you have to pull it out if you want to get into the third row, which is a little disappointing because it’s an old-school feature from how old land cruisers used to be, and they’re keeping it, which is also an old-school feature for the land cruiser because they generally don’t innovate with this vehicle all that much, which is a good thing in some cases because it means long-term reliability This new land cruiser can seat seven people, but it’s two in the front, three in the middle, and two more in the third row.

This is in contrast to many modern SUVs, which are increasingly opting for captain’s chairs in the second row, two seats here, and three in the third row, but not so in the lane cruiser, which has a more traditional setup with a three across bench seat in the second row.

Next up, we move on to the cargo area of the 300 series land cruise The lane cruiser is a big vehicle, but it’s not as big as a chevy suburban in terms of length, and the third row does take up a lot of cargo room.

Fortunately, folding the third row out of place is very easy.

First, pull on this little strap to drop the third row headrest, and then pull on this little latch to push the seat down and it’s folded flat.

Of course, do the same thing on the other side, and you can see you have a pretty Prior land cruiser models had this incredibly annoying old school third row folding system where the seats would fold up against the rear windows, which not only robbed some of your cargo space but also blocked visibility out of your rear windows.

That’s no longer the case; instead, they’ve gotten the seats to fold into the floor, which is a pretty neat trick because the lane cruiser has all sorts of off-roading hardware down beneath the floor and yet they’ve gotten the seats to fold into the floor, which Finally, get the seat back into position by reaching all the way in and grabbing the clasp.

It’s not an ideal setup, and you’re still not done because when you folded the third row down, the seat base also folded down, and it doesn’t automatically extend back out even when you pull the backrest back up.

Instead, you have to reach into the third row, grab the bottom of the third row seat base, and pull it back into place, and that’s how you set the third row seat back up in the new Land Cruiser.

This isn’t one of them, and getting the third row back up again in this vehicle is actually quite difficult.

If any car has ever required either an electronic button or a simple little latch like most minivans, it’s this one, and the old-school feel of this new land cruiser extends far beyond the third row seat folding and unfolding process.

Like many land cruiser enthusiasts, I’ve been waiting for years for the new 300 series model, and I’ve been so excited.

Even though it is a complete redesign, the 200 vs the 300 appears more like a facelift than a full redesign, and the proportions have mostly remained the same compared to the previous land cruiser, including all of the off-road capabilities.

the angle of approach the angle of departure angle of breakover The new wrangler is significantly more competent than the old one, and the new bronco is far more capable than the new wrangler.

I highlighted this because enormous leaps ahead in off-roading capacity have been sort of the standard in the automotive business the new wrangler is far more capable than the old one.

the newly appointed defender the G-wagon of the future They can all do so much more, but the new land cruiser appears to be very similar to the outgoing model in terms of capabilities, design appearance, and some of the interior functionality features as well.

However, there is one major reason why I’m still disappointed that the new lane cruiser will not be available in North America, and that is the power train.

There will be no more v8 in the land cruiser, which is a big deal because the lane cruiser has been known for v8 p Both of those figures are higher than the outgoing v8, so even though this is just a six cylinder blah blah blah it has more power than the old v8, and I have no doubt it will get dramatically better fuel economy as well.

So you get more power, more torque, and better gas mileage, which is all a pretty good thing now like I said, this is the same engine in the new Toyota tundra, but it’s a little bit different here, I believe this is Alpine armoring, the company from which I borrowed this vehicle, imports these vehicles on what’s known as a temporary import bond, or tib, which allows businesses to import vehicles for a limited time and not register them in order to do things like work with them or display them, so in this case they’ve imported it temporarily, armor it, and then sell it overseas.

So let’s take a look at the new land cruiser first.

Yes, it drives and feels a lot like a 200 series but without the giant roar and with better gas mileage now back to the potent engine thing for a second the v8 had more torque and felt more muscular but it also gave this sort of a lumbering feel and I think that this powertrain you just tap your foot on the throttle and it accelerates really well turbo v6s when done well are really good pow.

The driving experience is improved by the six-cylinder engine and lighter weight, but the styling is too similar.

I believe the interior is relatively similar; there’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t changed dramatically from the old model, and I have to say, in all honesty, I was very disappointed that they weren’t going to sell the new land cruiser here.

I’m less disappointed now because I feel like the one we got the 200 series going up through the 21 model year is the one we got.

I wish we had this new land cruiser and so that’s the new Toyota Land Cruiser this is a fantastic suv and frankly, I’m excited for the new Lexus lx it also looks fantastic and I’m sure it’ll be great but the lx just doesn’t have that if you know you know kind of subtlety that the land cruiser has this is really excellent and i’m so disappointed that we’re not going to be getting it here in North America but anyway time to With this new engine, acceleration is impressive.

I don’t have a 0-60 time, but I’d say it’s in the low 6s, earning it a 3 out of 10 rating.

Only average handling It’s slimmer, but it’s still a huge SUV, earning a 3 out of 10 rating.

The amusement factor is merely ordinary.

It’s speedy and competent off-road, but it’s not exactly an exciting driving experience, earning a 5 out of 10 rating.

It’s acceptable to have a cool factor.

It isn’t very cool, but it isn’t meant to be; it just blends in and gets the job done, earning a 5 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 22 out of 50.

The daily categories and features come next.

The land cruiser is generally highly equipped, but the one I rode was rather sparsely equipped, since it was a stripped-down foreign market basic model, and it received a 5 out of 10 rating.

average level of comfort Although this basic model lacks most comfort features like as leather seats or heated and ventilated seats, it nevertheless earns a 7 out of 10 rating.

The quality is outstanding.

Although more features would be helpful for third row access and parking ease with a camera or sensors, the interior isn’t high class or nice for such a base model and it gets an eight out of ten.

Finally, value and truthfully this is an expensive land cruiser for not much equipment it has what you need but you’d want more especially at this one’s price.

When I add it all up, I get a Doug score of 56 out of 100, which places the new land cruiser here against relevant vehicles.

While this is an apples to oranges comparison because the new land cruiser I reviewed was so basic and most of the stuff is very well equipped, the new land cruiser finished only a point behind the old one, owing to better road manners and improved styling, and I believe the new one would score much higher with some better tech and m