Review The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is a $350,000 monster supercar set to debut in 2021

Review The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series –

This is the new mercedes amg gt black series and it’s incredible.

It has 720 horsepower and costs nearly $400,000.

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This amg gt black series was borrowed from mercedes-benz of temecula, a mercedes dealership in temecula, north of San Diego.

mercedes-benz of temecula offers a fantastic range of new and pre-owned mercedes-benz models, including the amg gt black series, which has been really tough to find, but they have one here at mercedes-benz of temecula, so let’s speak about the amg gt black series.

It’s a Mercedes-Benz sports vehicle, and there are various variants to choose from.

There’s the standard amg gt, then the gtc, then the gts, then the track focus gtr, and then there’s the gtr pro, which we all assumed would be the end since it looks crazy and has 580 horsepower, and then there’s the black series.

Mercedes-Benz has resurrected the black series brand, which hasn’t been used in over five years, to make the most ridiculous amg gt ever, and just look at it gigantic wing and fender vents, it just looks menacing, which of course it is since it has 720 horsepower and is less weight.

When Mercedes first announced the black series name years ago, they said it would be reserved for the ultimate amg models, essentially street legal race cars, and that’s exactly what this car is, and today I’m going to review it.

First, I’ll take you on a thorough tour of the amg gt black series, showing you all of its quirks and features, then I’ll take it out on the road and drive it, which sounds terrifying, and then I’ll give it a dug Speaking of holes up front, you also have these fender vents on each side to help dissipate heat from the engine on hot track days when you’re doing a lot of laps the engine needs to cool off as much as possible so vents like this help with that.

By the way, the hood and front fenders are carbon fiber, which is another difference from the regular amg gt models.

The hood and front fenders aren’t the only body panels that have been converted to carbon fiber in order to save weight; the tailgate has also been converted to carbon fiber in order to save weight.

The wing is the most important new feature, and it’s a massive rear wing that’s unique to the black series model and it’s two levels of wing you can see the top part of the wing in carbon fiber and there’s also a second lower level of the wing in carbon fiber of course intended to provide as much downforce as possible mercedes-benz claims up to 900 pounds of downforce at top speed, which is pretty good and around back it isn’t.

This car is a little wider than the regular amg gt, and you can see in the fender there’s actually a fender vent that accentuates this extra width that the regular amg gt doesn’t have for even more width you can see the rocker panels down here in carbon fiber of course and they give it a more muscular bulkier look around the side n The wheel isn’t totally round; instead, it’s a bit square on the sides and bottom, similar to a racing car steering wheel, which feels nice, and it also reads “Race Car” at the bottom.

black series by amg Apart from that badge on the back, your only other reminder that you’re in a black series car is the fact that the buttons are all screens.

You push them and they still feel like buttons, but the cool part is that they can change so when you turn something on, you don’t get a light in your gauge cluster or dashboard, but the button itself changes lean.

The top one is a switch that adjusts your drive modes, as you can see here as you go through the various drive modes, the screen next to the switch changes to correspond with what you’re doing, and you can see comfort sports sport plus, and there’s even a race mode with a checkered flag, and they all appear here on your little button now you move down from there, and the next button controls the transmission, and it’s default setting is d for just drive automaticall.

The top one is for stereo volume, which you can adjust by moving this switch up or down and seeing plus or minus appear in the screen to correspond with how you’ve moved the switch, which is a nice touch, and below that is the auto start stop feature, which turns the car off at stop lights or when you’re just sitting, and you can toggle that on or off with this button.

The following two buttons are really critical.

The higher one is in charge of the rear wing.

It can modify the angle of the rear wing to vary airflow around it and so affect downforce and change your track driving skills.

You can touch it and watch the wing do its thing and really create a change that you can control from inside the vehicle using this button, which is pretty interesting.

If you hit the button just below the small wing button for your exhaust, you may cycle between the conventional exhaust and the sport exhaust and truly hear it.

Take a listen to this car with the sport exhaust turned on, it sounds pretty good now interestingly the screen buttons in this interior aren’t just limited to the center console, there are a few on the steering wheel as well, which is kind of cool although they’re strangely redundant the one over on the right of the steering wheel is actually a little dial and you can twist it to adjust your drive mode just like that little switch positioned only maybe 12 inches away on the steering wheel.

there same deal on the left side of the steering wheel you have two more little screen buttons coming off the center of the steering wheel one adjusts your stability control again you can toggle it on or off here just like you could do with that button on the left side of the center console so again a little bit redundant you also have a button here coming off the steering wheel that allows you to turn on the camera system for the car in case you’re about to park it but that’s redundant too because there’s a camera button mounted on the ceiling kind of next to the rear view mirror you tap that and it has the same function and turns on the cameras so you do have these kind of cool screen buttons on the steering wheel but you have backup buttons for all that stuff pretty close by but next up I want to go back to turning off the stability control in this car now in the default setting of course the stability control is on but if you tap one of the stability control buttons the one in the center or the one on the steering wheel you can see that turns it off and now it’s off sort of if you hold down the stability control button then it completely turns off it doesn’t just go into a sort of off mode it’s gone and now you’re really ready for some track driving if you think you know what you’re doing the interesting thing though that happens when you turn off stability control is this yellow dial in the center is now active this allows you to adjust your traction control and you have several different adjustments that you can do that allow you to dial up or down your traction control depending on how good of a driver you really think you are and yes you can turn traction control all the way off too after you’ve already turned off stability control if you really think you know what you’re doing but I wouldn’t really recommend it especially in a car like this and next up another interesting item in this interior is the seats which are these cool grippy bucket seats with orange trim to match the exterior they look very good and very tight they’ll keep you in place on the racetrack but they aren’t as tight as the seats this car gets in europe where it’s offered with carbon fiber bucket seats that are even more aggressive and european models can also come with a racing harness from the factory unfortunately that’s not available in the states for regulatory reasons instead we have to get the usual three-point seat belt as you can see but you still do get some pretty nice sport seats in this car and directly behind the sport seats you can see another interesting item in here and that would be this carbon fiber crossbar this is added for chassis rigidity trimmed in carbon fiber to look cool it’s a sixteen hundred dollar option to get this but it’s a nice look inside the car that makes you feel even sportier and speaking of sporty next we move on to the infotainment system which has a track pace app that allows you to measure and time various things on the racetrack you can tell the car when you’re about to enter a new race track or save a prior one and you can monitor your lap times and set new lap times and see how you’ve done on previous laps on that same track which is pretty cool you can also monitor telemetry from this app so you can check out like your speed your steering angle all that sort of stuff while you drive along which could be pretty helpful for improving your lap times when you’re on the racetrack my very favorite thing in here though is that you can actually set it up for a drag racing mode and then it will measure your acceleration I guess 0 to 60 or quarter mile so you get it into drag race mode and go and then the car will measure how fast you’re accelerating using this trackpace app which is a pretty cool feature in the infotainment system and kind of expected in an ultra track-focused special car like this one and since we’re talking about screens I should mention the gauge cluster which is in fact also a screen very large very high resolution and quite configurable you can change what you’re seeing in the center of the gauge cluster and you can move over to the side and change what you’re seeing over there on the right you can see the tachometer but also various other different things like a map or car settings or information if you want to change it with that said I have to say this car is definitely starting to show its age a little bit which may not make sense since it’s a brand new car but that’s kind of the thing about these black series models they come at the very end of the production run for each model that has been black seriesified and so by the time the black series comes out the car is usually starting to feel pretty old and that’s certainly true here for example that infotainment system is like three mercedes infotainment systems ago it’s not a touchscreen you have to control it with this little pad in the center which is a little disappointing compared to how good mbux is in the modern cars and it’s not just that you have your old school mercedes-benz gear lever I don’t think they’re using this in any other models anymore but they’re using it here you have your old mercedes turn signal stock lever coming off the steering column again looks and feels old this lever I think is more than 10 years old and it’s the same deal with some of the switch gear in here you can see the window switches This looks like old school sort of cheap Mercedes-Benz they use in c-classes and glks, and it’s also true with these buttons on the ceiling that I showed you earlier they look old, they feel old, and there are multiple blanks it simply doesn’t seem as nice or as current as recent mercedes-benz cars.

You even have the old-school key this thing this old mercedes key that they’ve been using for over a decade they’ve ditched this for almost all of the new cars except this one so it feels a little dated in some key areas which is a little disappointing especially at this price point and for such a special car to not have some of the newest goodies and by the way speaking of the key one interesting item with the key is if you open up the center console you can look at the key This is an odd thing and only possible because of this old-school mercedes-benz key, but then again, maybe having the most modern interior goodies doesn’t really matter because you have the most important thing, which is the performance in this car and specifically the engine, which is fantastic.

This is the same four liter twin turbo v8 that’s used in a lot of other mercedes amg models, but it’s heavily changed for this car for one thing it has a flat plaza.

The amg gt black series is the world’s fastest production car around the Nurburgring, and next up we return to the back of the black series.

As I mentioned, the tailgate is a carbon fiber piece, and when you open it up, you can see it on the inside, it’s all carbon fiber again.

This was intended to make the car lighter, but the tailgate is still pretty heavy opening because the giant rear wing is mounted on it.

The cargo area in this car is open to the interior the cockpit in front so you can stick long items in here all the way through to the interior if that’s what you want to do now this car being a crazy black series model is sold with some cool and interesting goodies that come along with it as accessories for one th This car, as I previously stated, is for serious race track people, and there is one other accessory that comes with this car that I absolutely adore: mercedes branded batteries for the key fob.

If you run out of key fob batteries, instead of having to go out and buy some, they provide you with these in a mercedes branded package, which just seems great, and it’s a nice little touch for someone who pays around $400k for an exotic sports car like this to give them This one has a sticker price of around 350 000 dollars, and that’s before the market adjustment, which every single one of these will have because demand for cars in general is so high right now, but especially for limited production cars like this.

This is a serious car, and I honestly don’t know what to expect.

I drove the amg gtr three years ago, and we all thought that was the end of the run in terms of high performance special editions.

Listen to that, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wo But this is all about track performance, not straight line speed, and mercedes benz has tuned this to be the absolute track king, and sitting here, you can tell there were basically no compromises made to make this luxurious.

If you wanted a more luxurious version of this car, you could get the gtc the gts the regular gt the gtr the gtr pro like you’ve passed up everything to get to this and so mercedes benz has tuned this Given the sound and performance, the enjoyment factor is enormous, and it receives a 9 out of 10 rating.

The cool factor is also quite high, not quite on par with the most incredible exotics, but still very good, and it receives an 8 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 42 out of 50.

The daily categories and features come next.

The Black Series is excellent, but not great, and the technology is beginning to show its age; it receives a 6 out of 10 rating.

It’s OK to be comfortable.

It isn’t completely awful, but it is punishing, therefore it receives a 3 out of 10 rating.

The quality is acceptable.

The inside is excellent, but some of the materials seem outdated and cheap, particularly for a price of over $300,000.

It receives a 7 out of 10 rating.

Practicality is a good thing.

It gets a 3 out of 10 since it only has two seats but has a lot more cargo capacity than other automobiles of its kind.

Finally, there is a good bargain, and this automobile is fantastic.

It’s really quick and a fantastic track performer, but it’s also quite pricey, earning just a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 25 out of 50.

The dug score is 67 out of 100, which places it here against relevant cars.

It appears low, but the black series does a great job for such an old platform, tying the new Porsche 911 gt3 with a weekend score.

Ultimately, the gt black series is too compromised and too expensive for most people, and it will be an ultra limited production run for collectors and hardcore track enthusiasts.