Review The Subaru Outback Wilderness is an off-road wagon that will debut in 2022

Review The Subaru Outback Wilderness –

This is the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness, and it’s a rugged outback with more ground clearance and off-road features as well as more muscular styling for people who want a little more suv with their outback.

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So, let’s speak about the wilderness.

For the 2020 model year, the newest Subaru Outback went on sale, and it follows the same concept.

The outback has always been a wagon alternative to a suv for people who want a more car-like driving experience, but now there’s the wilderness, which is sort of a suv version of the outback, which is a bit strange because that makes it a suv version of a wagon version of a suv, which is a bit strange, and it looks a bit strange too, as you can see this doesn’t look like a regular outback it has a lot of plastic around the wheel In comparison to the ordinary outback, the outback wilderness features an additional inch of ground clearance, as well as a few other modifications.

I’ve already reviewed the regular outback, so today I’m just going to focus on the wilderness, the pros and cons, and the differences between the wilderness and the standard outback.

So first, I’ll take you on a little tour and show you the quirks and features of the wilderness, then I’ll get it out on the road and drive it, and then I’ll give it a dug score.

Subaru gave it an additional inch of ground clearance over the ordinary outback, for a total of roughly nine and a half inches, which is astounding.

That’s the same as a Toyota 4runner, which is basically a real off-road suv.

This is just like a small crossover family wagon, and they have the same clearance, but don’t expect your outback wilderness to be as capable off-road as a forerunner or other purpose-built suv cars, which have more advanced four-wheel drive systems with extra features like a locking differential or some sort of terrain control system that your outback wilderness lacks, and you’ll be penalized if you go off-roading with your outback wilderness.

There is a 20 degree approach angle in the front compared to 33 degrees for the forerunner, so even though it has the ground clearance, it won’t be able to climb really steep hills or trails.

There are other important off-roader features outside of the outback wilderness, one of which is a skid plate mounted kind of under the front bumper in case you do try to tackle a steep hill or a big rock, you have a skid plate there to kind of armor the car in front to protect Gold accents are a theme in this car on the outside and inside, as I’ll show you.

You can see two of the gold accents here on the front bumper, and you can see more on the side of the car on the roof rails, and the outback logo in the back door is trimmed in gold just for the wilderness model.

Also distinguishing it from a regular outback is the badge, which is quite large and brightly colored in the back, and that badge also appears on both front doors, so both sides of this car it says subaru wilderness to emphasize your wilderness-ness.

It’s also worth noting that this exterior color is only available on the wilderness model, it’s not offered on the regular outback, and it’s called geyser blue to try to evoke feelings of a geyser.

Subaru says the transmission has been reworked a little bit to make the car easier to drive at lower speeds, so if you’re crawling on a trail at low speeds, the transmission has been designed to kind of accommodate that and make it a little bit more comfortable than a typical outback where you’ll be doing most of your driving at higher speeds.

One other cool feature in here is that the leather upholstery, as you can see, isn’t actually leather, but synthetic leather, which is better for the animals.

There’s also a cool feature here where the back of the rear seats is trimmed in this synthetic leather, which is usually carpeted but in this car it’s trimmed in leather, so when you put the back seats down and your muddy stuff gets on top of them, whether it’s a dog or a bike, it’s easier to You can adjust the air temperature and climate controls with these hard buttons next to the screen, but everything else requires you to go into the screen, including turning on the heated seat, which requires you to tap the seat icon then tap the heater button, which just complicates a process that everyone else makes simple with an actual physical control.

With that said, this is a good infotainment system; it’s big, it’s easy to use, and it’s easy to navigate.

To be honest, I think that’s a pretty good number considering everything this car has to offer, but don’t go into a subaru dealer expecting to find a stripped down outback with just the wilderness off-road goodies it doesn’t exist you have to get the big engine and it comes with other stuff to increase the price all right driving the outback wilderness now I gotta say I grew up in Colorado and was living there when the outback first came out in the mid 1990s and I was really The car doesn’t feel any more ponderous um you know in terms of steering handling whatever with an inch higher ground clearance nine and a half inches is a pretty big number but this still drives and feels just like an outback does you don’t really feel it it certainly doesn’t feel tippy or anything like that um not that I was really expecting it to I know that an extra inch of ground clearance isn’t a big deal but it’s still a big deal but Otherwise, there’s not much new and exciting to tell with this vehicle.

I evaluated the normal outback back when it was released, I believe in late 2019, and it was fine, but they aren’t really exciting or intriguing cars.

This one is obviously more interesting and exciting because it’s in the wilderness, but there’s nothing crazy about them, and aside from the wilderness stuff, which I went over the off-road goodies that this car has, it’s a lot like a regular outback drives like it feels like it uh from a drivability standpoint, and it’s pretty much the same interior room’s the same just a few little upgrades, and I think that there are some real benefits to these upgrades.

The outback wilderness receives the same overall score as the outback xt I examined two years ago, albeit individual scores differ.

The wilderness loses a point for style but gains one for enjoyment factor due to its additional features.

However, the wilderness loses out to the genuine off-road suvs at the top of our list, the bronco, wrangler, and forerunner, so although the wilderness adds to the capabilities of a subaru, if you want to do any actual off-roading you’ll need something harder.