The Citröen C6 was a wacky luxury sedan from France

The Citröen C6 was a wacky luxury sedan from France. –

This is a 2006 citroen c6 and it is a truly bizarre french luxury sedan that was the flagship luxury sedan from citroen throughout the 2000s, including this one, and before I get started be sure to check out cars and bids which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era now with free listings you can list your car for free and auction it on ca.

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Now, the Cintron c6 was never sold in the United States of North America, and there are likely only a few that have been imported here, so this is a difficult car for me to find, but I’ve borrowed this c6 from the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Lane Motor Museum has an amazing collection of some fantastic cars, including this c6, and you know a museum is great when they have the quirky stuff, so if you’re in nashville and you like cars at I’m going to start on the inside because the outside of this car is so bizarre look at this rear end styling what is going on back here this is so strange and weird what the heck but i’ll get to that in a minute because as quirky as it is out there it is just as quirky in here for example the door panel in your car you probably have a little storage pocket on your door you can toss something in wh The tab on the left opens up this center armrest so you can put goods in the storage area quite easily.

The tab on the right opens up a smaller center storage space, kind of in the center storage lid, so you can store smaller objects in here.

Meanwhile, the center tab raises this center storage area lid so that it can be an armrest.

You can have the armrest in its normal position or pull that center tab and it’s in a higher position if that’s more comfortable, so you have three different options for your quirky center storage area lid.

Next up, speaking of storage, to the left of the steering wheel you have this little panel here the latch you open it and you have a small storage area over there.

Next, because this is a French car, there’s a lot of cigarette lighting and ashtraying going on in here, you have a cigarette lighter right here in the center console, and you have a rather large ash tray at the bottom of the center control stack where you can put your ashes, and you also have another ashtray over on the passenger side door panel, there’s a passenger specific ashtray in here just in case the driver’s ashtray is full Most cars have a little wheel that you can turn off if you don’t want air blowing on you, and in this car, that little wheel is located on the top of the dashboard near the infotainment screen.

This little wheel right here is what you use to control airflow from these vents, and you only have one wheel per side of the interior, so the driver vents are controlled by this wheel, and you can’t shut off individual climate vents.

It’s very easy and not really unusual, except for the fact that it’s unusual simply because it’s a screen rather than conventional gauges, but it displays your speedometer.

Your tachometer warning lights mileage odometer, and that sort of thing are all on your gauge cluster screen.

Now, above the gauge screen, you have a heads-up display, which would have been pretty impressive for 2006 for this car, and you can see it’s right here and it’s giving the speed right now.

To the left of the steering wheel, you have some controls for the heads-up display.

You can change the brightness, the position, and the display, but you only have two options: the speed and the navigation directions.

That’s it.

You get a rudimentary heads-up display compared to what we’re used to now, but it was a pretty cool quirk 15 years ago.

Now, despite all of these screens and all of this modern technology in this car, you still have a cen.

I counted 58 total buttons on this center control stack remember this the next time you say cars shouldn’t have screens because you’ll end up with something like this except maybe even more complicated it’s just kind of overkill with buttons, switches, and knobs in here now with that said there are some rather interesting buttons in here as you might expect there’s one marked dark if you press that once the infotainment screen in the center turns off it’ll turn off it’ll turn off it’ll turn Another unique button here is the lane departure warning button, which is fantastic for a vehicle from 2006 since it must have been one of the first cars to have that technology.

If you turn it on, it will monitor the lane lines and alert you if you start to drift out of them.

The door lock button is hidden almost out of place down and to the left right here parked next to the traction control off button and the same size as that you can’t really tell where the door locks are in this car you go to unlock the door to let someone in you’re searching for the door lock button in this giant button filled center control stack but probably the most bizarre button in this giant button filled center control stack would be the door lock button which is hidden almost out of place down and to the left right here parked next to the Although headroom is robbed just a little bit because of the design of this car, sort of this teardrop sloping roof shape, it’s a little bit less headroom than you might expect from a luxury sedan, but you have to make some sacrifices in the name of style now probably the quirkiest quirk you will notice when you climb back here is there are four seat belt buckles of course the two normal ones but then there’s the third and fourth ones.

The middle belt is beneath this tiny cover behind the headrest on the back shelf, which you can open to view the belt and two like belt buckley clippy things so how does this work precisely here’s what you do The first little buckley clippy thing is brought across the middle seat passenger’s chest and buckled into buckle number one, then the second buckle is brought across the middle seat passenger’s lap and buckled into buckle number two, and that way you get a three-point belt in here, which is of course what you want for safety, but they come to it in a strange way with two buckles and a little weird metal seat belt, but it works and it’s probably safer than jus How about individual ash trays on both rear doors, one for one rear passenger and one for the other, and individual rear seat cigarette lighters back here on the center console, one for one side and one for the other, so everyone in this car can smoke and then put their cigarette ashes into individual separate ashtrays, so wonderfully French of course.

Back here you have climate control, you have two climate vents for the back seats, and you can adjust the climate control, though it’s worth noting that you can’t adjust the temperature, only the fan speed and air placement, but you do have a cool graphic where as you change the fan speed, it increases the amount of lights that are on in this fan, which I find to be nice and quirky, but that’s your rear seat climate control on the c6 now.

Next up, the c6 has a rear sunshade, but it is not power operated like some cars where you push a button and it whirls up to block out the sun.

Instead, it’s a manual thing where you have to unlatch it and then unclip it and then you can push it down if you want the sun or you have to pull it into place and clip it into place if you want the sun shade to be up, which makes it a little bit more difficult This is a major spoiler.

The c6 has an active trunk mounted spoiler that deploys at certain speeds, similar to a Porsche 911 turbo.

Since this is a front-wheel drive car with no version ever made with more than 240 horsepower, I think an active rear spoiler is a bit overkill, but it’s Citroen, and the French are weird, so you have a trunk spoiler that deploys at speed.

This car has a hydro-pneumatic suspension system, which is a rather complicated system that I won’t go into here because I don’t want to bore you with the technical details, but it’s basically a hydraulic system that’s very different from the standard steel spring suspension found in most cars.

While serviceability and reliability are certainly drawbacks of hydropneumatic suspension, there are some benefits, including excellent ride quality and self-leveling, which means the car will stay level no matter how much you drive it These two silver lines that point up at the top to form the citroen logo are obviously intended to recall the grille of this car, and they have it on the wheels as well, which is kind of cool, and next up another interesting quirk up here is the headlights, which have a rather unusual design to them as well.

Not as strange as the back, but you still have this sort of small front that sweeps into the middle and into the fender of the car, which is definitely distinctive n The c6 was also available with two diesel engine options: a four-cylinder or a v6 diesel, the latter of which produced around 240 horsepower.

None of the engines were particularly muscular, but that wasn’t the point of the car; it wasn’t meant to be a sporty performance luxury car, but rather a luxurious comfortable touring car, so you had relatively calm, understated engines rather than really powerful, fast ones.

Another oddity in the engine bay is this little label with a guy with a power washer and an x saying don’t do this just a reminder not to power wash your engine bay in case you were thinking about doing that thanks for that warning little citroen very very helpful information now I won’t power wash the engine of my car they should stick one of those in the interior or else someone might try to power wash the engine of my car I’m driving the c6 with the knowledge that I’m probably the only person in North America doing this right now, which is pretty cool because as you probably know, the United States has a law that says cars can’t be imported here from other countries privately until they’re 25 years old, and this car is only 15 years old, but institutions like the Lane Motor Museum have an exemption for museum and educational activities, so I guess we’ll have to wait.

Like I said, it was driven by French presidents, but that wasn’t enough to convince people that it was a truly luxurious vehicle.

I will say that while driving around the road, I am impressed with the ride quality.

It’s wafty and feels unusually comfortable way more than most other luxury vehicles, especially at this price point because it was less expensive than an e-class or a 5-series, but it has the ride of an s-class to an extent.

The car wallows when it goes around corners; it has some body wall; there’s a lot of suspension travel; it wasn’t their intent, and it’s not how it turned out; it wasn’t their intent, and it’s not how it turned out; it wasn’t their intent, and it’s not how it turned out; it wasn’t their intent, and it’s not how it turned out; it’s fine for the people who bought the car; but you’re not getting Obviously, Citron does not sell cars in the United States, and they have for a long time, but I believe this car would have done well in the United States in the mid 2000s as a big sedan as a chevy impala type car toyota avalon type rival.

This is an appealing car that drives better than an avalon, but I believe the styling would have been a bit of a daring move for a lot of Americans, just as it was for This car was already moving toward a more normal thing, the interior is more normal in here than previous trend models, but since this car they’ve really gone more normal more mainstream in the pursuit of more global sales and not just success in France, and a lot of people consider this to be sort of the swan song of old school citroen to an extent, and it’s neat to be able to check it out here in the United States lane motor museum some amazing cars I can see.

It’s a cool luxury car, but it’s also a weird luxury car, and unless you’re into weird cars, you’re probably better off getting a 5 series.

However, I’m into weird cars, and I was thrilled to have the chance to spend the day with a c6 and all of its quirkiness, and now it’s time to give the c6 a Doug score, starting with the weekend categories and styling.

The Citroen C6 is, well, odd, and it gets a four out of ten.

Acceleration zero to sixty seconds is in the low eight second range, with kids getting a one out of ten.

Handling is okay; it’s designed for comfort rather than handling prowess, but it’s acceptable given its age and size, and it gets a three out of ten.

The enjoyment factor is poor.

Driving such a strange car, particularly in the United States, is very enjoyable, and it receives a 4 out of 10 rating.

Finally, although this may not be true worldwide, the c6 is quite cool in America, particularly because this is likely the only one.

It receives a 6 out of 10, which is an outstanding score for a 2000 sedan, and it gets an 18 out of 50 weekend score.

The daily categories and features come next.

The c6 is well-equipped, earning a 5 out of 10 rating.

It receives a 7 out of 10 for comfort, which is exceptional for such a common vehicle.

The quality is acceptable.

The cabin is adequate but not outstanding, and dependability is merely ordinary; it receives a 6 out of 10 rating.

For a vehicle of this kind, practicality is expected, therefore it receives a 5 out of 10 rating.

Finally, value, and they are quite affordable in Europe; they’re just classified as ordinary old automobiles, and although Citroens do depreciate rapidly, it’s still a good deal for what it is, and it gets a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 29 out of 50.

The Doug score is 47 out of 100, putting the C6 in dead last position against several other comparable cards, despite the fact that most of these vehicles are either too luxury, like the Maybach and the Toyota Century, or too new or too performancy.

The C6 stands out among the vehicles I’ve evaluated, as well as among all the automobiles I’ve ever driven.