Here’s a Closer Look at the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06!

Here’s a Closer Look at the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06! –

This is the brand new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for 2023, and it’s a major deal.

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Unfortunately, I will not be able to drive the new z06 because it is a pre-production car that was only revealed to the world a few hours ago, but I will be able to tell you all about it and, more importantly, I will be able to take you on a tour of it under the hood.

The z06 has a new v8 that produces 670 horsepower, which is a significant increase over the regular c8 corvette’s 500 horsepower.

The regular c Prior z06 models kept the standard corvette front and rear ends, but this car is different.

The most noticeable way the new z06’s rear end differs from the standard model is that it’s wider.

In fact, chevy says it’s 3.6 inches wider, which is a pretty significant increase.

Normally, wider rear ends cars are only an inch or two wider, but this thing is almost four inches wider, and as you might expect, there’s a good reason for that.

Wider tires required a wider body to hold them, which is why this car has a wider rear end.

It’s also wider in front because the front tires are also wider than they are on the regular c8 chevy says 30 millimeters wider in front and 40 millimeters wider in back this car has 345 width rear tires, which is a pretty big size for a corvette.

Now, when it comes to wings, this giant wing in the back comes with the z07 package or the aero package, but even regular z06 models without those packages come with a wing and it has a cool adjustability feature.

It also comes with a gurney flap that you can install yourself to control your car’s downforce, so even if you don’t opt for this large wing, you do have an installable gurney flap that you can use to control your car’s down You get better tires, for starters.

You also get a slightly differently tuned chassis chevy says it’s upgraded chassis tuning specifically developed for race track driving and you get carbon ceramic brakes that come standard with the z07 and you can see it on this car carbon ceramic brakes for reduced brake fade when you’re at the track after stopping hard over and over again in various different laps and you also get a slightly differently tuned chassis chevy says it’s upgraded chassis tuning specifically developed for race track driving and you get carbon ceramic brakes that come standard with the If you upgrade to the new z07, I’ve covered a lot of changes to the new z06, but I haven’t yet touched on the most crucial update of all, which is the engine, which is now back here behind this tailgate trunk thing and especially beneath glass.

Back here, you can see the engine and the glass actually says 70 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the corvette for the 2023 model year, which is a cool little touch.

By the way, speaking of cool little touches on the glass, how about at the base of the windshield and driver’s side, you can see it says team corvette, which just makes you feel special because you’re part of a team dedicated to this corvette, which is something I like to think about.

The new z06 has a 5.5 liter naturally aspirated v8 engine that produces 670 horsepower, making it the most powerful naturally aspirated v8 road car ever made.

They didn’t want to go turbo charging or supercharging, so they just got all that power out of a nav8 engine, which is pretty impressive.

They were able to get this much power out of a naturally aspirated v8 in part because they chose a flat plane crank, which is a cool You don’t often see race car engines really informing road car engines, especially in terms of sharing parts and architecture, but that is the case here it also has a little plaque on it as you can see this little plaque here with a signature installed at the top of the engine this is the person who built this engine all of the z06 engines are hand built and this plaque represents the person who built this one I guess all of the builders have their own little plaque with their own signature Let’s have a listen to see whether that’s the case.

[Laughter] [Applause] Okay, so the z06 sounds good.

It has a lot of upgrades that you can see on the outside of the car, and there’s even more than that.

For one thing, the suspension has been upgraded over the regular c8.

You have gm’s newest magnetic ride control suspension system, which allows for a fairly comfortable ride in normal circumstances or a harsh punishing track focused ride if you want it.

I’ve driven previous cars with previous versions of magnetic ride control, and I’ve always Chevy has clearly taken a page from Porsche’s book, realizing that they can make a lot of money by offering a variety of different personalization touches, and they’ve done that in the z06.

For example, you can choose from several different carbon fiber interior packages to add various levels of carbon fiber to this interior, and you can see this car filled with it.

The door panel has a lot of it, the center console has a lot of it, and the same deal goes for the rest of the car.

As you can see, the seat belts in this car are yellow, but you can apparently choose between several different colors there as well.

There are two different levels of carbon fiber package, as I’ve already mentioned, and you can choose between seven different brake caliper colors for yet another example of this car’s personalization on the outside.

This vehicle is all about customizing it to your liking, and I’m sure chevrolet is hoping that this will help drive up the option costs and profit on each car.

This goes beyond simply changing the interior color, seats, or brake caliper.

You can go even more personalized than that.

For example, this car has a lot of stitching.

You can see yellow stitching all over the seats, and the dashboard has yellow stitching all throughout the passenger side of the dashboard, and the steering wheel is filled with yellow stitching, all of which can be customized.

This car even has yellow stitching on this little hand rest for the infotainment system, which looks really cool and can be customized.

I saw the convertible and it looks very cool, just like the regular corvette convertible.

One cool thing about the convertible is that chevy claims that no additional suspension tuning was required to get the convertible to handle and drive as well as the coupe on a racetrack because it’s just so rigid.

Unlike some previous convertible models where you had to sacrifice some rigidity and performance to get the top down, you don’t have to do that here.

Other oddities on this automobile include the same unusual gear selector as the standard c8, where reverse is a small like handle that you pull up, and drive, neutral, and parker buttons are all the same.

It’s a little strange and unorthodox, but it’s definitely a Corvette feature, and speaking of central controls, you have this huge line of center buttons and switches running down the middle of the dashboard.

This is where you can change your temperature, turn on your heated and cooled seats, adjust where the air is coming out, how much airflow, and all that stuff with this strange line of buttons in the middle.

Previous Corvette models have had a driver-oriented interior, but nothing quite like the c8, which feels almost like a fighter jet cockpit with everything pointed towards the driver.

Speaking of driver controls, another interesting one is the steering wheel, which has this sort of square shape to it like other c8 models, not actually a wheel, not actually circular, just sort of more squarish hexagonish which is kind of interesting and I really enjoy the c8 corvette, and this one looks even better in person and on paper.

It’s been nice to spend some time with the new z06 and check it out, but I’m really looking forward to driving it perhaps early next year.

For now, that’s your most comprehensive tour of the new z06 yet.