The Toyota GR Yaris is the coolest hatchback America has yet to see in 2021

The Toyota GR Yaris is the coolest hatchback America has yet to see in 2021. –

This is a 2021 toyota gr yaris and it appears to be a fairly normal little hatchback except it isn’t.

It has all-wheel drive and about 260 horsepower and, unfortunately for performance hatchback fans in the United States, it isn’t going to be sold here today.

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Okay, so the gr yaris is toyota’s subcompact car.

It’s no longer sold in the United States because toyota’s customers have shifted their preferences more toward suvs and crossovers, but it was sold here for a long time as the little entry-level affordable toyota, the tiniest one in the lineup, and it had a reputation for being cheap and pathetic but when the yaris came out, it changed Even though this is a size class below the gti, it’s a sub compact, it has 65 more horsepower than a ford fiesta st, which wasn’t exactly slow.

The grs also has all-wheel drive to help put the power down, even though the standard yaris is front-wheel drive.

If you’re into hot hatchbacks, this is a huge deal, but because the regular yaris is no longer sold in the US, the gr y Toyota makes a lot of yaris models except that the Toyota rally racing team determined that a two-door model would be necessary for serious competition and toyota only makes a four-door yaris globally.

They don’t sell a two-door yaris model anymore because it just wasn’t popular enough.

This posed a problem so toyota created the gr yaris, a two-door model using the exact body shell from the four-door This car also has all-wheel drive for better grip and, of course, more power, and in order to accommodate those things, the grs needed wider tires, so you can see these massive fender flares, especially in the back.

This car is about two inches wider than a standard yaris, and it’s also about two and a half inches longer than a standard yaris, so it really doesn’t have much in common with the standard yaris.

The engine in this car has about 260 horsepower, but what I didn’t say is that it’s a three cylinder, a 260 horsepower turbo three cylinder, and it’s the most powerful production three cylinder ever made.

Now, koenigsegg will soon come out with their own three cylinder that will have more power, but think about what that means.

This car is losing its performance title to a konig sig.

This engine also produces 270 pound-feet of torque, which is a very healthy number especially for a small engine, and it propels this car to 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, which is a long way from the crappy pathetic little yaris that most people in the United States remember.

One other thing I like under the hood is the amount of gr badging you can see.

You can see a gr badge on the tailgate, which stands for gazoo racing, which is a toyota motorsport brand.

You can also see a grs badge on the tailgate, which you can see here, and right below that there’s another one that says gr4 which refers to this car’s all-wheel drive.

This is important because there is a front-wheel drive version of the gr yaris, which is only available in Japan, but it does exist, so This is referring to the manufacturing run of this automobile for the Mexican market.

Toyota first said that just 300 grs vehicles will be produced in Mexico, but they have since stated that manufacturing for this car would be increased internationally to satisfy demand, so maybe more will be produced in Mexico, but for now, you get that gorgeous plaque and you’re one of the fortunate 300.

You also have a great little badge here in the middle that reads wrc gr designed for fia world rally championship, which is quite amazing since not many vehicles receive a plaque like that.

Next up, we’ll have a look at the next car.

The drive mode dial in the center console, which you can see next to the shift lever and allows you to adjust between three different modes normal, sport, and track, is probably the most important interior change in the grears compared to the regular model.

Now the cool thing is that this can adjust the power split when you’re driving in normal mode your 60 front wheel drive 40 rear wheel drive.

When you switch to sport, you go to 70 rear wheel drive and 30 front wheel drive so you can drift this car, and when you go into track, you’re locked at 50 50 for the best handling performance.

That’s a pretty cool feature, and one neat quirk of that dial is that when you turn it, the little screen in the gauge cluster changes ever so slightly the amount of red you can see right now it’s in normal no red, then you go into sport and there’s some red at the top and bottom As you can see, the shift boot is still there.

The parking brake boot has more red stitching, as does the parking brake itself, and the seats have little red accents in the perforated holes in the seat center, all to emphasize the sportiness, and by the way, those seats are pretty sporty themselves, very grippy looking sports seats pretty impressive stuff for a tiny hatchback, and they even have holes underneath the headrest so you can put your phone in there.

The materials in this vehicle are typically a bit finer than they are in the yaris, like I noted in the seat center, which is this excellent.

Alcantara feels amazing and looks beautiful.

Likewise, instead of cheap Yaris plastic on the door panel, you got excellent alcantara.

This automobile has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which is extremely lovely.

Looks and feels good, and you can see the petals are like aluminum with these little rubber footholds all look a little better little nice upgrades compared to a regular yaris, and there’s some other cool stuff in here to remind you of your sporty ursness for one thing, back to the gauge cluster screen, you have a boost gauge in there, which is always a cool thing to have, and you can check it while you’re driving and see your current boost levels also in this gauge cluster There is gr badging everywhere in this interior, as you can see.

You have gr badging at the base of the steering wheel, you have gr badging on the floor mats, you have gr on the headrest and the seat stitched in there looks very nice, you even have a gr badge in the gauge cluster on the speedometer the lower right gr right there, and you even have one on the start stop button to turn on the car gr start sto Many high-end brands don’t even do that with their performance models, but you have it on the gr yaris.

Unfortunately, the infotainment system in the center stack in this car is just a regular yaris screen, which isn’t a good thing for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, it’s not very responsive.

You can see you tap it and it takes a little while.

You move your hand and it takes a little while.

It’s not great There’s no navigation in here, and it doesn’t do anything but charge your phone.

The radio and that’s about it; it’s not very comprehensive, not particularly useful, and pretty laggy and difficult to control.

One example is changing the volume; there’s no dial; instead, you have to tap this little plus sign over and over again for the volume to go up, which is incredibly annoying; of course, you lower the volume the same way you would lower the volume on a diet; however, this infotainment isn’t particularly good.

Unfortunately, this car is a relic of the original yaris, and while we’re on the subject of the infotainment system, one strange thing about this car is that it lacks a backup camera, and Toyota decontented this car for the Mexican market, presumably to hit a price point number, so there are some nice cool features.

It’s available in other markets that it isn’t in Mexico, but no backup camera on a modern car is crazy, especially considering this car has a heads-up display, which you can see here projecting onto the windshield.

A good heads-up display shows your speed, rpms, and other information.

I wonder how many cars exist on the planet with a heads-up display but no backup camera.

It seems strange, but that’s what you’ve got here.

Next, we’ll look at the back seats in this car.

I have to say, it would be a lot easier to get into the back seats if this was still a four-door car, but it isn’t, and it’s kind of funny because Toyota knew nobody would use the back seats and the grs, but they wanted them there for extra practicality and to make the car easier to sell, but it’s pretty clear they weren By the way, there’s another fascinating point worth mentioning.

On the back of the rs, you can see the back window has no wiper at all, which is unusual on a hatchback almost all of them have rear wipers but not here I suspect that’s because the window was so low and wide that a wiper back here wouldn’t be very effective it couldn’t wipe much of the window but it’s still strange to see a hatchback with no rear wiper and so those are the quirks and features of the toyota gr You don’t feel like you’re driving a three cylinder when you’re driving this car because there’s just so much torque and power on tap it almost feels like a six cylinder to be completely honest there’s just so much power on tap it’s just amazing at every rpm there’s like an excessive amount of power and performance it’s really incredible to me actually and obviously all-wheel drive is beneficial for this car as well you don’t evn feel like you’re driving This car is right in my wheelhouse in terms of what I want, so it’s no surprise that I’m into it.

I also love homologation cars, which are cars that had to be built to meet racing requirements, especially when they have big fenders and stuff like that, which this one does, and so this car is exactly where I want to be in terms of cars.

Many manufacturers no longer produce vehicles like this, but this one is clearly being produced presently.

In terms of steering and handling, this car is amazing.

The scorching accuracy isn’t quite as excellent as some other hot hatchbacks; you don’t get the same instant precision as in the Focus ST, for example, but that’s offset by the terrific handling.

This car is very well balanced, poised, and it feels really really good around corners you don’t have body roll, you don’t have issues with the car tilting leaning you don’t feel like you’re at the limit or pushing the limit the car is very capable and of course another benefit of all-wheel drive is that it really enhances that sense of security and capability you know I love the launch of the delta integrale I think that’s one of the great car launches you know I love the the all-wheel-drive white fenders manual transmission the type of toss it around attitude all of the above I don’t want to say that this is a delta integrale for a new era, but you get that feeling in this car, and it has that specialness about it because it’s a rally car, as opposed to, say, the Focus RS, which was just a hot hatchback built to sell customers, and any racing that was done was sort of a secondary thing.

They really wanted to go racing, and this car was born out of that, and that just adds to the specialness.

It takes 260 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a vehicle the size of a Mini Cooper to generate anything like this.

It’s a bad we don’t have this in the US since fanatics would go wild for it.

Now it’s time to give the gr yaris a Doug score, beginning with the weekend categories and style.

The gr yaris is moderately appealing with its improvements for performance car status, and it gets a 6 out of ten acceleration zero to sixty is in the low fives, and it receives a five out of ten handling is great, and it receives a seven out of ten which is a high amount but it merits it.

The pleasure element is also quite high; this automobile is just so intriguing and fascinating to drive that it receives a 7 out of 10 rating.

The same goes for the cool factor; they are really amazing and thrilling, and they get a 7 out of 10 for a weekend score of 32 out of 50.

The daily categories and features come next.

The grs is decent, but not very well equipped, therefore it receives a 5 out of 10 rating.

Again, comfort is adequate; it isn’t designed to be comfy, and it isn’t very opulent, so it gets a 5 out of 10.

The quality is excellent.

Because it’s a Toyota, you can expect high dependability, but the materials and other features are merely adequate, earning it a 6 out of 10 rating.

Practicality is also acceptable.

The hatchback is attractive, but having two doors makes it less practical; hence, it receives a 5 out of 10 rating.

Finally, value, and given it’s an incredible powerful purpose-built homologation vehicle, I believe they will go down in history as icons, and it gets a 7 out of 10 for a total daily score of 28 out of 50.

When you combine it all together, you get a Doug score of 60 out of 100, which puts it in this category with other hot hatchbacks and performance automobiles.

The grs can’t quite beat out the focus rs or the golf r, which are more practical well-rounded cars, but the grs ties the focus rs and weekend categories and beats the golf r, implying that the yaris might just be the best hot hatch on the planet if your main focus is performance.

I love the grs, I was expecting to love it, and I loved it even more than I thought I would, and I’m so disappointed we don’t