Want to Buy a Netbook With AMD Ryzen? The Most Alternative Still from Asus

Want to Buy a Netbook With AMD Ryzen? The Most Alternative Still from Asus

Until now, Asus is still a notebook manufacturer that provides a lot of notebooks with AMD Ryzen. Not kidding, Asus provides AMD Ryzen notebook models in all classes it sells.

Call it the Asus ROG Flow X13 series – the super sexy 13-inch cute sailing gaming notebook – up to the ‘big’ Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 G733.

It seems the time has come for other manufacturers to install Ryzen in flagship class notebooks – and stop hesitating by limiting Ryzen to only mid-range or entry class notebooks.

Ryzen processors have been proven to be quite fast and sturdy. Since last year, the AMD Ryzen series has provided enough evidence that they are more than just reasonable for use in flagship-class ultrabooks.

However, manufacturers like Dell and HP only use processors from Intel for their high-end notebook series – such as the XPS and Specter series.

It seems that it will take some time to return until Ryzen is used in a larger ratio than notebook manufacturers except Asus. The fashion towards that direction is starting to show.

What appears now is that Asus is still a very large Ryzen partisan.

If MSI doesn’t seem to be using Ryzen to its heart – just because it’s used in a number of notebook series – MSI’s most popular notebooks – such as the GE, GS, or GT series – still haven’t released a model that uses Ryzen…,


Asus has released notebook models that use AMD in almost all its series – starting from the VivoBook series, ZenBook, TUF, to the ROG series.

Today you can find Asus notebooks from a similar series, but arriving in 2 different models, using Intel – and using AMD.

There’s even a series launched with the AMD vs existing – without the Intel vs.

This gives Asus a tendency to start changing from Intel to AMD.

We’ll see later, how Asus uses AMD Ryzen in the line of ultrabooks and this flagship class notebook will be followed by OEMs who don’t or otherwise.