Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Review: Truly Thin Gaming Laptop

Generally gaming laptops have actually really a big significant dimension and value. Nonetheless, this is definitely certainly not the circumstance along with one of the absolute most current Legion Slim 7i device. As the tag recommends, this gaming laptop consists of a body that is definitely certainly not also big.

In fact, the basic body system is virtually much like the body system of a non-gaming laptop along with a 15-inch screen. The Legion Slim 7i 15IMH5 style that I assessed is powered as a result of to the 10th gen Intel Core i7-10870H processor.

Amongst the maintaining aspects that ought to jump on a gaming laptop for soft game play is the GPU. For Legion Slim 7i, this laptop uses Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max Q. Straight listed below are actually really the results of the assess I carried out.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i design

Phrases ‘Slim’ consisted of for this gaming laptop is definitely certainly not just a label. This suggests that the Legion Slim 7i features a fairly slim represent a device in its own very personal program, simply 17.9mm.

This thickness is virtually like a non-gaming laptop that might be rapidly brought anywhere. In fact, it fits rapidly straight in to my backpack, and still leaves behind responsible for area for a different various other charger and items.

The screen dimension of this particular laptop is 15.6 ins, the 3 bezels ( left, right, top ) on the edges of the screen are actually really produced relatively slim. This is amongst the aspects that produces the Legion Slim 7i look relatively smaller sized sized contrasted to extremely very most gaming laptops.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i bezels

The bezel under the screen does look a good deal thicker, nevertheless it doesn’t really interrupt the visuals on the screen, especially when playing games.

The shared of the display establishing is definitely certainly not situated also a lot back. That is, definitely certainly there certainly definitely is still a bit of the back of the laptop when it is opened. The rest of the back place directly functions as a proprietor when the laptop screen is opened, because maybe carried out using simply 1 hands.

Although easy in the direction of offered, the screen shared of the laptop along with dimensions of 356mm x 250mm x 17.9mm truly expertises solid for that reason it doesn’t convince rapidly when the laptop strikes your palm while playing a game and even something. Lenovo also industrialized this shared to end up being opened as long as 180 degrees.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i port usb

Left wing side of the laptop, you will sight a card visitor port bordered along with a 3.5 mm audio / mic port. Depending on the directly side, definitely certainly there certainly definitely are actually really 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports.

While on the back definitely certainly there certainly definitely is an energy input and 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. The energy port on the back of the laptop allows the charger adapter cable television to appearance neater contrasted to the directly and even left establishing.

In addition to the keyboard definitely certainly there certainly definitely are actually really little bit of positions that prolong originating from the directly side in the direction of the left edge. At first I concept this was actually really the opening up for the speaker, nevertheless it is the cooling down air duct.

Definitely certainly not simply over, the cooling down positions are actually really also left wing and directly sides, additionally to two dealing with back. The cooling down body is also under, nevertheless this location is for the skies usage body.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i features

It is definitely certainly not a gaming laptop if it is definitely certainly not tailored up along with an RGB keyboard. The RGB illuminations on the Legion keyboard are actually really flexible adequate to guarantee that the terminate design is easier in the direction of change as favored.

Just push the Fn essential along with the area essential. Definitely certainly there certainly definitely are actually really 4 fluorescent types on this keyboard switch.

Besides possessing the capcapacity to compilation the fluorescent setting, you can easily quickly also improve the stamina of the brightness of the RGB lightings on the keyboard.

In the direction of have actually the capcapacity to carry out this, simply press the Fn key and the up arrowhead ( enhance brightness) and no down arrowhead ( decrease brightness). In the direction of shut off the RGB keyboard light, press Fn complied with due to the down arrowhead a variety of chances up till the keyboard light is completely off.

Lenovo equips the FnLock ease of access essential located on the ESC key. This method produces it incredibly easy for me in the direction of choose the treatment between the F1 – F12 keys and even the ease of access mix keys between these keys, like intensity, screen brightness, media for that reason gamer, and on.

The touchpad on the Legion Slim 7i is instead huge. The structure it offers is instead shiny, for that reason producing it incredibly offered. In fact, I can easily quickly rapidly ease of access it using simply my hands while inputting with the keyboard.

To make it easier and manage this gaming laptop, Lenovo provides a distinct demand recommended to as Lenovo Vantage. The main web website of this particular specific demand screens CPU and GPU use in per-cent bodies.

Definitely certainly there certainly definitely is also SSD ability that has really been actually really used. Lenovo Vantage also features a cooling body establishing.

To change the cooling body, simply alter in the direction of the Thermal Establishing option on the Legion Side panel. Definitely certainly there certainly definitely are actually really cooling down options such as Quiet Mode, Balance Performance Mode, and Mode. Each establishing might be altered inning conformity with the laptop function.

For example, Performance Mode is used for when the laptop is operating a significant function, the fan is turning incredibly fast. Nonetheless, you don’t have actually to difficulty choosing inning conformity with your laptop’s demands, just select Balance Setting which instantly modifications for your requirements.

Selecting the Media option in the Lenovo Vantage request will certainly definitely obtain you in the direction of various configurations such as Display & Camera and Audio. In the ‘Camera & Privacy Mode’ choice, which offers security and security to guarantee that the laptop does not send pictures when producing video telephone telephone calls.

The web web cam in the Slim 7i has really a resolution of 720P and even HD. Definitely certainly there certainly definitely is a hands-on shutter treatment that might be removaled as a result of to the private.

For the Sound option, definitely certainly there certainly definitely is a Dolby Sound establishing. This allows you in the direction of select a variety of noise presets such as Dynamic, Movie, Music, Game and Voice to end up being perfect for each product revealed as a result of to the laptop. If you don’t want to gain and forth in the direction of choose, it is recommended in the direction of choose the Dynamic preset.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i performance

The kitchen area path within this slim gaming laptop is a 10th generation Intel Core i7-10870H, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU. The RAM ability is 32 GB and SSD type storage is 1 TB. The screen measurement of this particular specific laptop is 15.6 ins, which is the common measurement of a gaming laptop.

Talking about the screen, the development it uses is Complete HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) IPS resolution. Therefore as to offer with the demands when playing games, the screen board is tailored up along with a greater rejuvenate cost of 144 Hz and a response chance of 5 ms. Different various other maintain is Adobe sRGB 100% color Dolby range, and Dream.

The brightness of this particular specific screen is 300 nits. Definitely, the brightness is definitely certainly not incredibly greater, nevertheless fortunately this screen is tailored up along with an anti-reflective dealing with. For that reason, the product on the screen remains plainly visible without disruption originating from background light representations.

In fact, I’ve tried playing games on the balcony, and the screen still shows up rather unobstructed. Definitely certainly there certainly definitely was actually really no obscuring when I tried it curved on sight the Avatar movie. The tones it highlights are actually really rather fantastic in a choice of issues.

When in a dark society in the woodland of globe Pandora, the dark color higher leading costs is instead dark for the measurement of a gaming laptop. No image info is jeopardized in dark places and no lighting leakages at the edges of the screen.

This laptop consists of dual speakers, which are actually really under edge of the laptop. The location of the speakers is created rather diagonally for that reason as definitely certainly not to end up being dealt with due to the dining table. Definitely certainly not simply is the stereo high top premium wide, nevertheless the stereo it offers is effective in carrying out a fantastic boundary simulation.

Remarkable boundary effects can easily quickly enhance the movie viewing proficiency a lot a great deal additional effectively. However, when I participated in the game ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’, the border noise provided with this laptop’s speakers also helped me area the presence of danger, such as when Lara Croft was actually really dealing with a panther.

Speaker response and boundary sound are actually really remarkable when Lara Croft is operating and depending on prevent danger or fight. For artificial screening, I initially used the PCMark 10 application. It is used in the direction of assess precisely simply exactly just how reliable the device is for daily jobs.

This requirements imitates daily jobs. Basic, the score it offers is incredibly greater along with 5,928 points. For Application Start-up ratings, this laptop offers 12,922 points.