Asus E402YA-GA302T Laptop with Specifications Using SSD256GB

Asus E402YA-GA302T Laptop with Specifications Using SSD256GB

quick specification: AMD E2 7015, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, AMD RADEON R2, 14″ HD, LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 slot, USB 3.1 slot, USB Type-C slot, HDMI, Memory card Visitor, VGA Cam, Home windows 10 | If you presently require a low-priced and also excellent laptop pc for on the internet knowing, this Asus E402YA GA302T may be taken into consideration.

With a cost in the stable of merely 3.6 thousand, this affordable Asus laptop pc presently takes 4GB DDR4-1866MHz RAM for smoother multitasking, a 256GB SSD which, although still a SATA style, is actually certainly a lot much a lot faster compared to a traditional hard drive.

Actually, this Asus E402YA GA302T laptop pc isn’t the most recent laptop pc. It is actually better suited towards get in touch with it a revitalize collection coming from the previous SKU. As you might have actually found prior to, certainly there certainly was actually likewise the Asus E402YA which utilized HDD as its own storing possibility.

Well, on this Asus E402YA GA302T, our experts acquire an update such as substituting the HDD towards this 256GB SSD.

Even however if our experts consider this ability, it is actually much smaller compared to a 500GB HDD, however if our experts consider the rate, changing coming from an HDD towards an SSD is actually really prominent on the total functionality of the Asus E402YA-GA302T laptop pc.

For the present measurements, it appears that the Asus E402YA GA302T is actually still the most affordable laptop pc along with SSD.



Asus E402YA-GA302T Performance

To sustain its own functionality, this 3 thousand Asus laptop pc makes use of an AMD E2-7015 cpu. This isn’t a premium cpu. If you seek contrasts, after that the functionality is actually about much like the Intel Celeron N3510.

This cpu coming from the Carrizo-L age has actually sufficient energy for daily illumination calculating – including managing Microsoft Workplace (Phrase, Succeed, PowerPoint, and so on.), searching, streaming, and hearing songs.

Overall, the functionality of the Asus E402-YA-GA302T is actually substantially aided due to the 4GB DDR4-1866MHz RAM that has actually been actually soldered towards the circuit board. Regrettably, there’s no vacant moment port if our experts intend to update RAM.

This 4GB RAM ability suffices for daily calculating functions. Along with a details, don’t pressure towards operate way excessive treatments concurrently.

You may still style along with Phrase or even generate discussions along with PowerPoint while opening up your web internet browser towards seek components or even recommendations.

It’s likewise great if you would like to deal with hearing songs through streaming through Spotify.

And do not forget the duty of the 256GB SSD it takes.

According towards Laptop pc ID Examine, these are actually the perks and also major main causes you acquire this affordable 3 thousand Asus laptop pc.

SSDs – also SATA ones – have actually a lot much higher review and also compose velocities compared to tough disks. The outcome is actually a much faster boot and also shutdown of Home windows 10, opening up treatments faster.

Is your laptop pc commonly less competent after starting up? When you sign in the Duty Supervisor, it ends up that the disk task on the C: steer is actually continuously at 100%?

This SSD will certainly substantially minimize the odds of your laptop pc experiencing negative traits enjoy this.

If you’re presently making use of the HDD model of the Asus E402YA laptop pc (or even any sort of laptop pc) – restricted funds towards acquire a brand-new laptop pc, I strongly advise substituting the HDD along with an SSD (SATA is actually likewise fine), incorporating RAM (if there’s a vacant moment port) towards a minimum required of 8GB, after that you may postpone the should acquire a brand-new laptop pc up till a minimum of 2 even more years.

How approximately the video functionalities?

As an APU cpu, the AMD E2-7015 utilized through this 3 thousand Asus laptop pc takes AMD Radeon R2 towards handle its own online video and video.

With a GCN 128 shader primary design, 600MHz rate, 64-bit moment user interface, discussed VRAM as much as 512MB, the video functionality of this particular laptop pc suffices for criterion video or even illumination video games.


Don’t anticipate towards participate in hefty 3D video games, operate visuals concept treatments, or even modify video recordings on this laptop pc. It is actually absolutely nothing at all. Hefty. That is all of.

This laptop pc is actually undoubtedly ideal for institution kids at the junior higher, secondary school, or even university degree whose majors don’t demand hefty treatments.

If you examine or even examine in a significant that pertains to concept and also online video, do not buy this laptop pc, all right?

Screen, Key-board and also Touchpad

Even however the cost economicals at 3 thousand, the Asus E402YA-GA302T laptop pc is actually still pleasant towards utilize for regular calculating tasks.

In enhancement towards functionality, whether a laptop computer fits is actually found coming from the display, key-board, touchpad, sound, significance, and temp.

With a 14-inch display, the TFT LCD LED door is actually pretty efficient presenting shades along with ample illumination and comparison.

The display measurements along with a angled of 14 ins is actually still a really pleasant measurements for daily function. It is certainly not as well large towards bring about for those of you that are actually mobile phone.

The criterion HD settlement of 1366 x 768 pixels likewise takes care of towards offer a respectable aesthetic high top premium. Furthermore, there’s an anti-glare covering that may minimize illumination representations.

This anti-glare covering can assist you keep pleasant working with a long period of time, due to the fact that you’re not a lot worried about due to the representation of illumination when checking out the display. You likewise do not should consistently utilize too expensive a illumination that will certainly lose the electric battery.


Cheap Asus laptop computers making use of SSDs, this still makes use of the aged key-board design. This is actually exciting. Due to the fact that you still acquire arrowhead tricks that coincide measurements as various other sign tricks.

Frankly, I’m cumbersome towards utilize the laptop pc along with the arrowhead tricks are actually tiny.

Since my work demands me towards style and also modify files that are actually often pretty lengthy, the huge arrowhead tricks enjoy this are actually really practical.

The Asus E402YA laptop pc key-board likewise still lugs the Property, pgup, pgdn, and also point switches on the much straight. Devoted switches for these switches are actually progressively seldom found in the most recent laptop computers.

You will certainly likewise certainly not knowledge pushing the remove switch inappropriate along with the energy switch. Due to the fact that he still has actually his very personal energy switch. Area it on the best left behind edge of the key-board.

For benefit, the Asus E402YA-GA302T laptop pc key-board is actually really pleasant towards utilize. All of switches feeling sound. It is a little deep-seated in the proximity in between keystrokes compared with the common Lenovo laptop pc key-board. However typically it really experiences excellent.

The touchpad of the Asus E402YA laptop pc is actually pretty vast, receptive, and durable. Exactly just what might be actually a little bit of much less feeling free to is actually the positioning that’s a little bit of as well towards the straight. Asus picked certainly not towards area it straight fixated the spacebar, however had the tendency to facility on the laptop pc physical body.

In real utilize, you might require a little bit of change. In a time – pair of times, you’ll certainly not view it as an issue kog. Simply great.

Audio, Connection, Temp and also Weight

For sound concerns, certainly there certainly are actually stereo system audio speakers put on the reduced edge of the frontal housing. The noise high top premium is actually criterion. And also such as various other Asus laptop pc collection, there’s Asus SonicMaster program sustain to assist you acquire the sound setups that finest fit your listening to choices.

Although the impact will certainly merely feeling complete if you utilize earphones or even a headset. If you utilize the integrated audio speakers? That is right…. Haha…. All of entrance towards mid-range laptop computers resemble that too….

To link it towards various other units, the Asus E402YA GA302T laptop pc is actually geared up along with a comprehensive slot.

You still acquire LAN, WiFi, USB 2.0 Slot, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Slot, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C slot, HDMI Slot, and also a memory card visitor. Exactly just what is actually overlooking is actually an optical steer – DVD.

You likewise do not need to stress over the warm. This laptop pc has actually a fairly roomy area, the cpu is actually likewise energy reliable and also fairly trendy, you may be pretty pleasant working with lengthy time periods.

How approximately the significance?

For a 14-inch laptop pc, the electric battery is actually pretty huge 32WHr 2 tissues, evaluating 1.6kg. Still illumination sufficient towards bring about when you require to become mobile phone coming from house to institution, university, or even the workplace.
Can Home windows 10 be actually real or otherwise?

Yes. The initial Home windows 10 Property x64 OS is actually pre-installed in the acquisition bundle. This spares a whole lot. You do not should acquire an authentic Home windows 10 certificate which sets you back about 1.3 thousand. You likewise spare opportunity performing the installment your own self.

You merely require to accomplish the first configuration of Home windows 10 when you very initial transform it on – certainly not a well-maintained set up of Home windows 10.

Advantages of Asus E402YA GA302T

  • Enough for regular computing
  • Presently making use of a 256GB SSD
  • Cost effective prices
  • Includes real Home windows 10 OS pre-installed
  • Complete Key-board Layout
  • Display along with anti-glare

Disadvantages of Asus E402YA GA302T

  • RAM cannot be actually upgraded
  • frames are actually thick
  • vga camera

You may acquire this Asus E402YA GA302T in different on the internet and also offline retail stores in your urban area. The cost variation available is actually likewise certainly not as well away. Varying coming from fifty towards one hundred many thousand.

If exactly just what you require currently is actually a laptop computer for regular function, towards sustain on the internet institution kids, or even to assist you handle your on the internet company, this Asus E402YA suffices.

Asus E402YA GA302T Specifications

  • Display: 14-inch TFT LCD along with LED backlight, 1366 x 768 pixels settlement, glow door, 45%
  • NTSC colour gamut
  • Cpu: AMD E2-7015 dual-core 1.5GHz
  • Chipset: AMD
  • Video: AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
  • Moment: 4GB DDR4-1866MHz RAM Onboard
  • Storing: SSD 256GB SATA
  • Connection: LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 slot, USB 3.1 Gen 1 slot, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C slot,
  • HDMI slot, memory card reader
  • Sound: stereo system audio speakers along with Asus SonicMaster Technology
  • Video cam: VGA Webcam
  • Electric battery: 2 Tissue 32WHr
  • Running Device: Microsoft Home windows 10 Property x64
  • Sizes: 339 x 235 x 21.9 mm significance 1.65 kg
  • Colour: Dark Blue (GA302T) and also White colored (GA301T)