10 Best Kitchen Lighting Decoration Ideas

The kitchen is the center for delicious food and family gatherings. With a creative design, everything should sparkle. Kitchen lighting is a must for cooking. Today’s greatest designers have shown that everything can have a place on the table.

The kitchen should have tiered lighting. You can create a well-lit and balanced kitchen by stacking light. Use task lighting such as sconces and stylish lights above the hot cooking zone. Furthermore, ambient lighting can establish balance.

If you’re thinking about lighting designs for your own kitchen, here are some of the best design ideas from the world’s designers. If you have a small kitchen or low ceilings, get ideas from these designers and quickly decorate your kitchen.


Source : Rustic White Photography

Above a kitchen that was topped with marble, designer Brian Watford hung three glass globe pendant lights to create a streamlined kitchen that was influenced by the mid-century modern era.

Source : John M. Hall

In the kitchen that Young Huh designed in the style of a country farmhouse, the cabinetry is a brilliant mint green, which creates a dramatic backdrop for a trio of simple glass pendants.

Source : Werner Straube

This coral kitchen that was designed by Elizabeth Drake features red pendants that add the ideal amount of colour to the space.

Source : Ngoc Minh Ngo

The ultra-patterned kitchen that was designed by Bachman Brown is an excellent example of the designer’s playfulness.

Source : Julie Soefer

In this brightly lit kitchen that was designed by Creative Tonic, the attention is drawn to the island that is highlighted in gold and navy blue. Meanwhile, a quintuplet of sconces provides directed light for the countertop.

Source : Laura Resen

The stylish kitchen that Beth Webb created features a mosaic backsplash, a weathered wood island, and gold pendants that blend in perfectly with each other.

Source : Nathan Schroder

This bright and airy kitchen was designed by Dodson Interiors, and it features vintage hanging lanterns that have a Victorian-like appeal to it.

Source : David Sundberg, ESTO

The kitchen island in this kitchen, which was designed by Douglas C. Wright, is illuminated by a pendant with a shade, and a gold picture light casts light on a hutch that is stocked with books.

Source : Josh Thornton

This ultra-chic kitchen designed by Summer Thornton makes the best possible case for the timeless color combination of black and white. The space has a feel that is reminiscent of a French bakery.

Source : Family Room

This kitchen was designed by James Thomas, and it features a skylight, arched windows that reach floor-to-ceiling, industrial pendants, and a giant orb chandelier. All of these elements work together to create a light and airy space.

Those are some choices of inspirational kitchen decorations filled with lighting, from classy designers that you can bring and apply to the kitchen in your home.