The Best Home Bar Ideas You Can Apply At Your Home

sometimes you prefer to drink at home with in order to enjoy the comfort of your home. Having a drink in your elegant home bar is the ultimate relaxation. So, do you have a home bar? Or you still have the idea to have a bar in your home? Make your home a cool club.

That’s why we’re going to feature a collection of elegant home bar designs to inspire you beyond a well-stocked liquor cabinet. We have suggestions for building a bar or turning your kitchen counter into one.

Home Bar Ideas by Meredith McBrearty

Emily Followill

In the same Texas home design by Meredith McBrearty, residents and guests may also hang out in a posh bar in the study. Porthole doors are nautical.

Home Bar Design by Phoebe Howard

Noe Dewitt

In a Palm Beach bar designed by Phoebe Howard, old barstools include an embroidered duck in a nest designed by the client’s kid.

Home Bar Decoration by Kevin Isbell

Read Mckendree

Lime is a home bar staple that brightens a place. Kevin Isbell designed this tropical sanctuary with genuine foliage and floral curtains.

Home Bar Design by Meredith McBrearty

Emily Followill

This charming wine cellar was designed by Meredith McBrearty. Bars are great places to have fun. Moveable sconces add a humorous touch; the hands are sometimes in a Texas Longhorn gesture or flipping the bird.

Home Bar Ideas by Tamsin Johnson Interiors

Tamsin Johnson Interiors

Tamsin Johnson Interiors embraces the cavernous nature of this small, windowless room with dark materials and colors. Strategic task lighting makes it functional and romantic.

Home Bar Ideas by Studio Shamshiri

Stephen Kent Johnson

Designed by Studio Shamshiri, this home bar is like a mini speakeasy. A large serving bar can be accessed through the sliding doors. This manner, you can keep it zipped up and save space when you’re not entertaining.

Home bar Style by Ashley Whitaker

Thomas Loof

This sleek home bar designed by Ashley Whitaker is the perfect blueprint for anyone with a glassware collection. Cobalt and lime glasses complement deep sea cabinets.

Home Bar Style by Sarah Blank

Lesley Unruh

Just across the corner from the kitchen designed by Sarah Blank is a fully stocked home bar. A hidden dishwasher makes cleanup a breeze in the cocktail center, which incorporates unique shelves.

Home Bar Designed by Philip Gorrivan

Brian Doben

Even if we could, not everyone has the means to purchase a large media cabinet or armoire solely for the purpose of storing alcohol. So reduce things down with a smaller secretary desk. Everything can be easily tucked away when not in use or when you need to open up a short hallway or corner for a new walkway to be constructed. This Philip Gorrivan living room has a striking yellow shine that we love.

Home Bar Ideas by Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design

Read Mckendree

Using cool blues and grays with deep chocolate browns from Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design was a surprising choice. The de Gurnay wallpaper brings the doorway to life and also makes it feel like a sophisticated study, thanks to the library-inspired book cabinet-turned-minibar.