Karmaverse Zombie NFT Marketplace Review in 2023

Karmaverse, the newest blockchain game, will be released soon. Crypto aficionados and online gamers are excited. Karmaverse is a blockchain game in the metaverse that contains all the developers’ past games and toolboxes for the community to construct similar games on the same platform.

In Karamaverse, you can create, update, and exchange avatar NFT collections. You may also sell and auction NFTs and tokens on the Karmaverse marketplace, including limited-edition products. This post explains what NFTs are and how to sell them on marketplaces if you’re new to them.

This section will help you learn about and play the Karmaverse Zombie blockchain game.

What Type Of Game Is Karmaverse Zombie?


The Karmaverse is home to a wide variety of games, and Zombies is just one of them. Zombies in this game are broken down into many classes, and players can even earn uncommon zombies as non-faction tokens (NFTs). You may get the play-to-earn blockchain game Karmaverse Zombie from the App Store or Google Play.

Karmaverse Zombies is part of the Karmaverse metaverse, which uses Polygon’s blockchain technology. Karmanauts can utilize NFTs to transfer assets between Karmaverse games or sell them to other players. Karmaverse is a website where you may play Karma Games’ games.

This new Karmaverse game is exciting. In Karmaverse Zombie, you can recruit survivors, build shelters, and forge a new future for humanity to combat the Zombies. This game is about surviving and dominating a mutant and zombie-infested globe.

Karmaverse Zombies Gameplay

Like all Karmaverse characters, zombies are separated into five groups depending on rarity and star count. The rarer your zombie, the greater their skills. Win a battle to receive a 5% chance of catching a new sort of zombie to cure and turn into a fighter.

You need to look out for zombies that have 5 stars because they are the rarest of all. The game’s DBAS affects the zombie spawn rate. The Dynamic Balance Adjustment System (DBAS) allows developers to combine enjoyment and profit. The creators make Karmaverse Zombie strategic and metaverse-friendly.

DBAS balances game dynamics and the economy’s creation and consumption of game tokens. The DBAS provides incentives for players to spend tokens when game consumption lowers. By giving gamers discounts and deals, game investments will rise. It’s like how ETH handles gas fees: when the number of transactions decreases, the fees do too, giving traders some breathing room.

Karmaverse Zombie Storyline

Mutants and zombies are proliferating everywhere after a virus wiped off the human species. The human survivors have trained to become stronger fighters and are working together to build shelters and eliminate the zombies.

Each player must build one shelter and operate an NFT fighter they can sell and trade in-game. Build a squad of powerful warriors to construct an undefeatable fight club that can resist a zombie onslaught and beat other gamers.

Karmaverse Fighters: A Quick Guide


Each fighter card has a distinctive avatar, unique powers, and benefits. Once a fighter is on your team, you control how you use them. Karmaverse devs can’t claim or control your fighter. Non-owners can’t steal or change this character.

Fighters have rarities, levels, colors, battle ratings, and perks like zombies. Each combatant has unique skills and qualities. 1-star fighters are frequent whereas 5-star fighters are rare and powerful.


Each fighter in the Karmaverse has one of the five colors below:


When players enter combat, you may gauge their relative strengths and weaknesses depending on the colors they were given. The bonuses you receive and the way the fighters interact with one another are both affected by the colors you choose.



Feeding and training a fighter will raise their fighting rating and improve their overall statistics, allowing them to level up more quickly. Fighters aren’t fussy eaters, but if you give them their favorites, they’ll gain strength even more quickly. Once the fighter reaches the highest possible level, it will be promoted inside the shelter and given further responsibilities.

What is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Karmaverse?

Every game in the Karmaverse has its own distinct visual aesthetic, backstory, art, maps, soundtrack, and overall gaming environment. The game’s creators hope to expand the game’s toolset so that users can create their own Karma Worlds anywhere in the metaverse and add their own unique stories and content.

The Dynamic Balance Adjustment System does more than manage and maintain equilibrium between game elements and economics. It also serves as a feedback loop for the game’s creators, letting them know whether and when players should be rewarded more for their actions using in-game tokens.

Investors are attracted to the Karmaverse Zombie game because of its monetary and ecological stability. Future issues can be avoided and the game can be guided in the right path with the help of the DBAS.

Tokenomics And Monetization Strategy

The current supply of $Knot, Karmaverse’s virtual currency, is 210,000,000. For games like Karmaverse Zombies, this is the primary utility token. The breakdown of the allocation is as follows:


Depending on how the community grows and develops, the terms of allocations may change, potentially affecting everyone save those who invested early. The tokens won’t be distributed until the game reaches its steady state population increase. Each game in the Karmaverse will make use of $Knot in important ways, and you can use your $Knot tokens to create a whole new NFT.

Game Finance Incubator will collaborate with other game designers to inspire players to create original content for the Karmaverse. Through the use of their blockchain, they will be able to participate in and help cultivate a creative ecosystem that will build a positive loop within the community and lead to increased participation.